Nails reflect the condition of the inner body. It is true that abnormalities of the nails can often provide early clues to common medical problems or severe systemic diseases.

Complete loss of nail: Trauma

Nail plate loose: Injury; nail psoriasis; fungal or bacterial infections; medicines; chemotherapy; thyroid disease; Raynaud’s phenomenon; lupus.

*Bath for Fungal Nail Infections:
Take 1 tbsp of tobacco for 1 l of water.
Boil for 2 min,cool a bit & bathe your hands or feet in it.

Wasting away of nails, nail loses luster & becomes smaller: Injury or disease.

Thickened nail plate: Poor circulation; fungal infection; heredity; mild, persistent trauma to the nail.

Pitted nails sometimes with yellow to brown “oil” spots: Eczema or psoriasis; hair loss condition.

*For Psoriasis:
Burn whole garlic.
Mix the ashes with honey.Take 100 g of honey for every 1 tsp of garlic ashes.
Rub affected areas.

*Bay Leaf Tea for Psoriasis:
2 tsp of bay leaves
2 cups of water
Boil for 15 min,strain.
Make & drink this 3 times every day for a week.

*For Hair Loss:
Take 1 tbsp of nettle leaves for a cup of water.
Boil for 5 min,strain.
Rub onto your scalp once a day.

*Mustard Powder Mask for Hair Loss:
Take 1 tbsp of mustard powder
1 egg yolk
& about 1 tsp of freshly made green tea
Mix everything until you get creamy mask.
Rub into your scalp & leave for a 20 min.,cover with some plastic.
Wash out carefully.
Use every second day.

Very soft nails: Contact with strong alkali; malnutrition; endocrine problems; chronic arthritis.

*For chronic arthritis can be useful to drink grapefruit juice every day.

Spoon-shaped nails: Iron deficiency; thyroid disease.

*For Anemia:
Every evening place into the cup 100 ml of raisins.
Cover with boiled warm water.Leave to stand for overnight.
Drink the water & eat the raisins first thing at the morning.

Club-like nails growing around swollen finger ends: Chronic respiratory or heart problems; cirrhosis of the liver.

*Good liver remedy is dandelion honey.

Horizontal ridges: Injury; infection; nutrition.

Longitudinal ridges: Aging, poor absorption of vitamins & minerals; thyroid disease; kidney failure.

Brittle, split nails: Nail dryness; nails in contact with irritating substances (detergents, chemicals, polish remover); silica deficiency.

Infected nails (red, tender, swollen, pus): Bacterial or yeast infection.

Overlarge moons: Overactive thyroid; genetics; self-induced trauma (habit tick).

*For overactive thyroid drink lemon balm tea 3 times every day.
Tea from apple peels is also good.
Eat foods rich in selenium,magnesium,omega 3.
Avoid caffeine,spicy foods,no to sugar & fats.

No moons: Under active thyroid; genetics.

*For underactive thyroid:
Eat foods high in vitamin D, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, the B vitamins & iodine.
Get healthy fats!
Drink nettle tea 3 times a day.

Colorless: May indicate anemia.

*For anemia drink lime/linden flower tea with honey,add 2 tbsp of red wine.

Red or deep pink: Can indicate a tendency to poor peripheral circulation.

Blue: Blood may not be receiving adequate oxygen due to respiratory disorders, cardiovascular problems, or Lupus erythematosus.

Yellow: Could indicate fungus, diabetes, psoriasis, use of tetracycline, or heredity.

White, crumbly, soft: May be a result of a fungus infection.

Half white/half pink: May indicate fungal infection or, more seriously, kidney disease.

Small white patches: Usually a sign of injury to the nail matrix.

Purple or black:  Usually due to trauma, or may also be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.
A brown or black streak that begins at the base of the nail & extends to its tip could be a diagnostic clue to a potentially dangerous melanoma. See your health care provider.

Watch out for: Paleness
When you press the nail, the area should initially be white or pale, but as soon as the pressure is released, the nail should look a rosy pink.
Nails that are very pale may indicate a deficiency in iron. Increase iron rich foods including red meat, green leafy veggies (with a squeeze of lemon juice to increase iron absorption) prunes & dried apricots.

Watch out for: White spots
White spots on the nail may be due to a trauma or bump, but may also indicate a zinc deficiency.
Eat more zinc rich foods such as oysters, seafood, seeds & meat etc. &  the spots should disappear.

Watch out for: Peeling
Thin, weak, peeling weak nails may indicate a deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which in turn has an effect on digestion.
Bloating is a common symptom.


Tongue accurately reflects the state of your health. In Chinese medicine it acts like a map where certain areas of the tongue correlate to specific organs of the body.
The Tongue is easier to learn & less subjective than Pulse diagnosis & will show the depth & nature of a disharmony.
The colour, texture & moisture of your tongue can provide tell tale signs of what's going on inside your body.
Before examining the tongue for diagnosis, make sure the person has not eaten pickles, cayenne pepper, curry & other hot things. They will temporarily turn the tongue red. It takes a few hours for the tongue to get its normal coat back after the person has scraped it as well.
Smoking turns the coat yellow.

Antibiotics make the tongue peel within 2-3 days & this peeling is not replaced until 2-3 weeks after the antibiotics are stopped.
Asthma medications causes the tip of the tongue to redden.
Diuretics cause the coating to disappear . Years of diuretics causes the tongue to peel.
Anti-inflammatory drugs causes the tongue to have red points & makes the body of the tongue thinner. Years of taking these drugs cause the tongue to peel.
Anticancer drugs can cause the tongue to develop a thick brown to black dry coating.
Steroids causes the tongue to become red & swollen.

A normal tongue is pink in color, medium thickness, no cracks, ulcers, no teeth marks & with a light white moist coat with root on it. It has a look of aliveness & is supple. There is no movement like quivering, trembling, side-to-side motion, curling or shifting to one side.

In general the tongue is divided into 3 regions called burners.
The first third of the tongue -tip of the tongue indicates what is happening in the heart & lungs.
The sides of the tip represent the chest/breasts.
The middle third of the tongue is related to the stomach & spleen.
The back third of the tongue is related to the bladder, kidneys, small & large intestines.
The liver & gall bladder areas are on the sides of the tongue.
The chest/breasts areas is just behind the tip of the tongue but on the edge.


Changes in the tongue shape usually reflect chronic illness involving blood, qi, or body fluids.

Thin tongues means deficiency.

Swollen tongues can mean lack of harmony in getting fluids processed & can involve the spleen, stomach, kidneys & heart.
It can also be from too much alcohol or increased toxic buildup.

*Grape diet is a good remedy for alcoholism & cleansing the liver.
Eat grapes 3 times a day for a month.
Also eating apples can be helpful.
Drink lemon,orange & carrot juice every day.

*Milk thistle tea can help protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol.

*Tea for Alcohol Addiction:
A combination of 3 parts of thyme root &
2 parts each of knot-grass tops &
wormwood tops.
Adding this combination in boiling water & drinking it helps in the home treatment of alcohol addiction.

Swollen edges can mean weak spleen.

*Support your spleen with ginseng.
Avoid fatty foods.

Swollen sides can mean liver challenges.

*Crushed walnuts mix with honey 1:1.
Take 100-150 g  3-4 times every day before meals.

*Mix honey & cranberries 1:1
Take every day 2tsp before meals until feeling better.

Swollen tip can mean heart problems.

*Healthy eating,be active every day,less stress.
Avoid too much alcohol & quit cigarettes now.
Make sure your waste doesn't go as wide as your hips :)

*Make a mixture with crushed cranberries,dried apricots & honey.
Take 1 tsp 3 times every day before meals.

*Eat every day 1 garlic glove with black bread.

Swelling between the tip & middle of tongue can be lung problems, phlegm, chest or breast problems.
Ulcers here can mean cancer of the breasts.

*Eating plenty of tomatoes can prevent some cancers from developing.

Localized swellings involve the corresponding organ.

Teeth marks means spleen deficiency.

Swollen tongue with teeth marks on the side-This indicates that the spleen is weak & the body contains excessive fluid. You may have some of the following symptoms such as body heaviness, puffy & heavy limbs, bloating, lack of energy, sluggish bowel movement, easy to gain weight or hard to lose weight, gain weight before period, puffy face & eyes in the morning.
Usually followed with disorders such as under-active thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome, overweight or polycystic ovaries.

Scalloped edges or teeth indentations around the edge of the tongue are a sign of you are exhausted & need to rest.

Narrow tongue with less moisture-This indicates that the body’s has not enough fluid. You may have some of the following symptoms such as insomnia, vivid dreams, hot flushes, constipation, dry skin, thirsty, heart burn or hunger.
These people may have the following disorders such as hyperactive thyroid, menopause, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety or gastric ulcer.


In one sided paralysis of the body tongue moves towards the paralyzed side when protruded.

Tremulous movement of the tongue is seen in diseases like thyrotoxicosis,delirium tremens & Parkinson.Tremor is also seen in nervous patients.

*Herbs such as Lemon Balm,Lavender & Passion Flower support the health of the nervous system & help to maintain a calm, balanced mood.

Wasting & paralysis of the tongue with fibrillation- progressive bulbar palsy.Eventually the tongue gets shrivelled & lies functionless in the floor of the mouth.This condition is associated with dribbling of saliva & loss of speech.

In chorea (involuntary rhythmic movements) person may not be able to keep the protruded tongue in rest,it will be moving involuntarily.

*Increased doses of vitamins E & C may be benefitial.
Proper nutrition & a balanced diet are essential to maintaining weight & strength.

A soft, tender tongue shows weak digestion, aching limbs & catarrh.


Crack down the middle of the tongue to the tip-Heart imbalance.

The deeper the crack the longer the disease, imbalance or stronger the genetic weakness or tendency.

*Take Hawthorn Berry Syrup 1 tsp 3 times every day before meals.

Transverse cracks or cracks on the sides has to do with spleen challenges.

Center cracks mean stomach/digestion problems.

Transverse cracks behind the tip indicate lung weakness.

A cracked tongue may indicate dehydration (although some people have cracked tongues since birth).


Excess cold, Spleen qi deficiency, especially if thin white coating,especially if thick white coating- fighting off a cold.

A pale tongue is linked to joint problems, frequent colds, adrenal or kidney weakness.

Blood deficiency, especially if dull, pale face & lips.

Pale tongue indicates that your body has a lack of digestion, Qi & blood deficiency.
You may have some of the following symptoms such as lack of energy, pale face, dizziness (especially upon standing), short of breath, sluggish bowel movement, bloating after eating, scanty period (one or two days), little or no milk production after labour.
These people may also have the following disorders: low blood pressure, anemia or infertility/frequent miscarriage.

*Treat with warming herbs such as garlic, ginger & cinnamon.

*Eat dried Papaya seeds.

*Foods which tonify the blood are: liver, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, home made chicken soup, roast chicken especially the legs, sweet rice, molasses, dried apricots, egg yolk.

*Foods which are rich in Vitamin C & which help the absorption of iron: black currants, dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, kale, chard, Chinese greens, bok choi etc.), orange juice, broccoli, kiwi fruit.
Eat some of these with iron rich foods.
Iron rich foods include eggs, lentils, watercress, lean meat, liver & kidneys, black treacle, blackcurrants.
Orange & yellow root & ground vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, parsnip, turnips, squashes & pumpkins are sources of natural sweetness, especially when chewed well. They provide the best nourishment for the spleen & help reduce cravings for sugar.
Foods to avoid: excess milk & cheese, refined sugar, chemicals in food, liquids with meals, junk food, bananas, peanuts.


Yellowish discoloration of all mucus surfaces of the body (including tongue)due to increase of bilirubin in the blood.
Jaundice is seen in hepatitis,bile duct obstruction.

*For Bile Duct:
Eat 100 g Rowan Berries 30 min before meals 3 times a day.

*Drink Cabbage Juice 1 cup after every 2 hours.It takes 2-3 weeks to heal.


A red inflamed tongue indicates lack of certain nutrients, especially iron & B vitamins.

*Iron, found in red meat, shell fish, nuts & apricots, is essential for the formation of red blood cells & necessary for energy & vitality.
B vitamins are needed for energy metabolism, cell growth & the proper functioning of the nervous system. Lean meat, shellfish, nuts & dried apricots are all rich sources of vitamin B.

A moderately red tongue indicates pain, inflamed joints, allergies & irritable bowel.

*For Irritable Bowel avoid constipation.
Tea from wild strawberry leaves:
Take 2 tbsp of leaves for 2 cups of water.
Take sips over the day.

Too red tongue indicates that the body has excessive heat.
The body may have some of the following symptoms such as, body feels hot, easy to perspire, red face, takes time to fall asleep or vivid dreams, constipation, pungent dark stool, hunger (eats more), very emotional or period comes earlier.
Some may have the hyperactive thyroid, high blood pressure or menopause.
A red tongue will tell you that there is heat in your body such as a fever or a hormonal imbalance that is leading to hot flashes or temperature changes.
Stress can also make the tongue red.

A red tongue tip (heart & lung area) may be present in an asthmatic.

Magenta colour of the tongue with soreness & fissures of lips-Deficiency of vitamin B2.

Bright scarlet or beefy red tongue-Deficiency of niacin (vitamin B3) & some other B complex vitamins.


This could mean you are suffering from high cholesterol which could result in heart problems.

*Almonds reduce bad cholesterol.

A purple tongue could also indicate chronic bronchitis which cuts down the efficiency of the airwaves in bringing oxygen to the bloodstream.
A purplish tongue can indicate poor circulation of vital energy, fatigue syndromes & blood stagnation.
It could indicate poor circulation or too much sugar in the body which makes you feel tired & cold.

*This means you are probably eating too much cold food.
Add warm ingredients to your diet such as garlic, ginger & coriander.

Stagnant blood if dark purple tongue &/or red spots on the tongue.

Purple/dark tongue indicates that the liver & heart have a functioning disorder & there maybe a lack of circulation with blood clots (you may have an old injury).
Usually you may have the some of the following symptoms such as body aches/pain, joint, neck & shoulder stiffness & pain, chest pain, headaches or period pain with blood clots & brownish bleeding.
These people may suffer the following disorders such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, migraine, arthritis.

A purple tongue can tell if circulatory system is backed up from a major injury or pain condition. 

Your body might also be dealing with inflammation or an infection.


Bluish discoloration of the mucus membrane due to decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.This is seen in heart failure,respiratory failure & in anoxia.Lips may become pale bluish.


Tongue becomes brown in colour-this is the increase of urea & other nitrogenous waste products in the blood due to kidney failure.

Tongue becomes brown with a typical ketone smell from the mouth- acidosis with accumulation of ketone bodies seen mainly in diabetes mellitus.

*Raw Onion Juice for Diabetes Mellitus:
Slice a small onion.
Put it in a glass of water.
Wait for 10 minutes.
You will see small milky strains going in the water from the onion.
Drink this every morning.
Onion juices are proved to help pancreas produce more insulin.
It is only good for type 2 diabetes.

*2 tbsp of natural apple vinegar before meal needs to be taken.
People suffering from diabetes mellitus had shown improvement after 1-2 weeks.
Vinegar slows glucose rising after meals to bearable levels even after very heavy carbohydrate meals.
If you are ulcer sufferer then you have to avoid vinegar.


A strawberry-like patch on the tip of the tongue is often caused by hot drinks.

However, a red tongue tip combined with bleeding gums could show a lack of bioflavonoids - a biologically active compound found in vitamin C that help strengthen the tiny blood capillaries in the skin & prevent unattractive broken veins.

In Asian & African people these red dots can look brown.

A tongue with plenty of tiny red bumps may indicate ‘internal heat’, due to liver or intestines inflammation, & perhaps caused by vitamin B deficiency.

Red spots may indicate Heat Toxins in the Blood or Heat Toxins attacking the Heart.
Red spots can indicate the presence of Damp-Heat in the Xue Level, where the internal organs are accumulating toxins.
Red spots on the Tip (Lung/Heart area) is usually not severe & may present in the beginning stages of illness.
Red spots on the entire tongue may indicate a more severe illness.
Red spots on the sides of the tongue (Liver/Gallbladder area) may also indicate a more severe illness.
Red spots on the back of the tongue (Kidney area) may indicate the advanced stage or chronic nature of an illness.
Patches of spots on the tongue reflects an allergic constitution, such as eczema & asthma.

*Take a mixture of herbs such as Devil's Claw, Red Clover & garlic for eczema & liquorice or Gingko for asthma.
*Add plenty of citrus fruits, peppers, kiwi fruits & berries to your diet.


White spots are usually due to Spleen & Stomach Qi Deficiency together with excess heat accumulating in the body.
In this case, the tongue may also have sores & pus.


Black spots usually indicate Qi & Blood Stagnation or heat in the Blood.


The moistness of the tongue gives some indication about the state of hydration of the body.
Water volume depletion leads to peripheral circulatory failure characterized by weakness,thirst,restlessness,anorexia,nausea,vomiting.


Dryness of the tongue is often caused by swelling of the salivary glands - the fleshy bulgy sacs under the tongue where saliva is produced. This is often caused by stress.

*Regulate stress by relaxation routines such as breathing or yoga.

*Also, stimulate the flow of saliva & flush out the salivary ducts by drinking cider vinegar & lemon diluted in a glass of water.

Persistent dryness could be caused by Sjorgren's syndrome - an immunological disorder.

*For Sjorgren's syndrome:
Herbs like Aloe Vera,Dandelion,Echinacea,Red Clover,Olive Leaf,Flaxseed Oil can be useful.
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc,Magnesium

A dry furry tongue indicates excessive mucus in the body. This is caused by too much dairy & sugar in the blood. 

*Eat a well-balanced diet & cut down on milk, butter & eggs.

Dryness of the tongue is seen in following conditions- Diarrhea, Later stages of severe illness ,Advanced uremia, Hypovolemic shock ,Heat exhaustion ,low blood sodium, Acute intestinal obstruction ,Starvation, Prolonged fasting.


This reflects the state of the digestive system. 
If the tongue lacks coating, it means the stomach enzymes which break down food in the digestive system are not functioning properly. 
The coating of the tongue should be thin & white.
The thicker the coat, the more progressed the disease.

The normal tongue coating has Root, which means that is "rooted" or attached to the surface of the tongue body. It can not be easily scraped off or removed.
A coating without root rests on the surface of the tongue, but can easily be removed or scraped off.
A coating without root usually indicates impairment of Spleen, Stomach & Kidneys.

White coating could indicate Candidiasis or oral thrush - a fungus infection of warm, moist areas of the body. This could be caused by an over-use of chemical mouthwash or taking too many antibiotics.
Oral thrush can impair taste buds & cause bad breath.

*To clean the tongue use a natural mouthwash twice a day: 
Mix cider vinegar with 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp of dried sage & 1 tbsp of honey poured into 500 ml of boiling water. 
Store in the fridge & use within 3 days.

Mild dehydration can lead to an excess of bacteria & dead cells on the tongue.
Chronic inflammation or infection can reveal their presence with a white tongue.
Smoking can cause both a white tongue & bad breath.
Persistent white patches can be a sign of leukoplakia, or precancerous lesions.

A thick pale white coating suggests sluggish digestion & food retention.

A thin pale white coating indicates recent cold.

A sticky coating suggests excess phlegm production.

Dry, yellow coating can be caused by stomach & intestines disorder.

Thick yellow coating especially in the middle of tongue indicates that you have lots of food & heat stagnation in your digestive system.
You may have some of the following symptoms such as body heat, easy to perspire, body odour & bad breath, yellow urine, constipation, pungent or dark stool, pass lots of wind, bloating, red face, vivid dreams or nightmares or insomnia.
You may also suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or liver/gallbladder disease.

Thick yellow coating at back of tongue may be a sign of damp heat in intestines, bladder or uterus.

A thin yellow coating is a sign of lung infection.

*Tea from Raspberry leaves-berries,Cowslip,Coltsfoot, Lady's mantle.

A black or grayish tongue coating suggests a serious health problem, call your doctor immediately.

A peeled coating may indicate that you've reached a critical point in an acute illness.

Thick greasy coating indicates that your body has lots of dampness & fluid.
You may suffer from the following symptoms such as heavy arms & legs, bloating, lack of energy, stiff joints, weight gain, sluggish bowel movement.
You may have high cholesterol or fatty liver.

Uneven coating indicates that your stomach & liver yin are damaged.
You may suffer from the following symptoms such as heart burn, stomach pain, not solid sleep, vivid dreams, dry skin, discomfort of the side of body.
Also you may have the following disorders such as liver & stomach disorders, gastric ulcer.

*Peppermint tea is a good remedy for gastric problems.

Geographic Tongue- is a benign condition in which discolored, painless patches of the tongue appear & then reappear from atrophy, often in a different distribution.

Hairy tongue-This condition is due to elongation of filiform papillae seen in poor oral hygiene ,general debility & indigestion.

Hairy Tongue-White hairs along the sides of the tongue are the classic appearance of oral hairy leukoplakia, the result of EBV infection in HIV-positive individuals.
A black hairy tongue in the setting of chronic administration of penicillins is often fungal overgrowth, particularly of aspergillus.

Furrowing-Transverse furrows across the tongue may be from a benign condition called scrotal tongue.
Furrows that are longitudinal along the length of the tongue are the result of syphilis.

Furrowed tongue- Vitamin A deficiency

A red tip- suggests circulation problems, stress & perhaps heart problems.
When the very tip of the tongue is red this means that there is a major emotional cause of whatever the rest of the tongue indicates as disease.

Smooth Tongue-The most common cause of a smooth tongue is the use of dentures.
Nutritional deficiencies include iron, folate & vitamin B12 deficiency.
B12 deficiency will also make the tongue sore & beefy-red in color.
Swelling of the tongue may also cause the tongue to appear smooth.
Among women, low-estrogen states may cause a “menopausal glossitis”.

Smooth tongue is encountered in iron deficiency.

Smooth nodular red area in the posterior mid line of the tongue-This is a congenital condition.

Benign migratory glossitis-It is an inflammatory condition of the tongue where multiple annular areas of skin peeling of papillae appear on the tongue which shift from area to area in few days.

Bright red papillae standing out of a thick white fur ,later the white coat disappear leaving enlarged papillae on the bright red surface & is called strawberry tongue-streptococcal infection Scarlet fever.

*To clean the tongue use a natural mouthwash twice a day.
Mix cider vinegar with 2 cloves of garlic, 1tsp of dried sage & 1tbsp of honey poured into 500 ml of boiling water.
Store in the fridge & use within 3 days.

Whitish or reddish dots on the back of your tongue: Have your primary-care physician or dentist test you for the human papilloma virus.
HPV is tricky to detect & typically goes away on its own, but in some cases it can lead to cancer of the mouth, throat, or cervix.


In inspecting ulcers, it is important to note their size, number, color, distribution & whether or not they cause the person any discomfort.

Aphthous mouth ulcers- round painful ulcers appear in stressed individuals frequently. May be associated with food allergy.
Usual sites are tongue,lips,oral mucosa.

Herpes simplex-an acute vesicular eruptions produced by herpes simplex virus.When these vesicles rupture it forms ulcers.

Cancerous ulcers  have everted edges with hard base.Bleeding is also seen.
Cancer of the tongue is common in tobacco chewers.

Syphilitic fissures are longitudinal in direction.
In primary syphilis extra genital chancre is seen on the tongue.
In secondary syphilis multiple shallow ulcers are seen on the under surface & sides of the tongue.
In tertiary syphilis gumma may be seen on the midline of the dorsum of the tongue.

Dental ulcers- are produced by sharp edges of carious teeth.

A single non-healing, erythematous, painful ulcer suggests lingual or oral cancer, particularly if the person uses tobacco &/or alcohol. 


The normal feel of the tongue is what we experience from food.We should not have a ‘funny’ taste in our mouth with or without food.Sometimes, people may experience an abnormal taste when there is a disorder of the internal organs.

Sweet taste & greasy feeling to the tongue indicates that the spleen is in disorder.

Bitter taste indicates heart, liver & gallbladder disorder.

Salty taste
indicates that there is kidney disorder or weakness.


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