Grapefruit contains essential elements like iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid & A , E & B vitamins.

Pink or ruby grapefruit are very high in vitamin C levels & like the tomato, contain lycopenes which may offer protection against cervical, pancreatic, bladder & prostate cancer, heart disease & it may increase the skin's resistance to sun damage.

As a natural diuretic it can assist the detoxification process of the body by relieving fluid retention & acting as a tonic for the kidneys.
Grapefruit helps to prevent kidney stones.

Grapefruit supports heart health, immunity,collagen production to ensure a youthful looking complexion.

Grapefruit is great for fighting off a coldflu & sore throats.
It is also an excellent aid in reducing fevers from colds & flu.
Eat grapefruit in case of sinusitis.

Grapefruit is an ideal fruit for increasing metabolism & a great option for those trying to lose weight.
Grapefruit also lowers the blood sugar & is often promoted as a diet aid.
Grapefruit served at the beginning of a meal stimulates the appetite & promotes better digestion.
A drink of grapefruit juice first thing in the morning helps prevent constipation

Grapefruit is loaded with anticancer phytochemicals, such as limonoids, which may reduce the risk of cancer by stimulating the body’s natural detoxification enzymes.

Grapefruit also contains salicylic acid that breaks down the body's inorganic calcium, that builds up in the cartilage of the joints,therefore if you suffer from arthritis or painful joints, drink grapefruit juice for relief.

Grapefruits help to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels & reduce risk of stroke,also boost energy levels & help ward off depression & memory loss.

Chinese medicine recommends grapefruit to ease indigestion & heartburn during pregnancy & to counter the effects of over-indulgence in alcohol.

The mere smell of citrus can curb stress & relieve depression & can boost metabolism & reduce food cravings

Grapefruit rind is a natural source of Quinine which is used to treat the fevers of malaria & infections
Use fresh grated grapefruit rind with plasters & poultices to aid in healing of wounds & rashes.


Certain pharmaceuticals for pain, heart disease, schizophrenia & cancer have been found to be problematic when combined with grapefruit. Grapefruit inhibits the CYP3A4 enzyme in the liver that helps the body metabolize the pharmaceutical. Therefore, the medication is much stronger as it enters the system & its effects are magnified, sometimes to the point of causing an overdose.

Excessive consumption of any citrus juices can leach calcium from the body system, causing decay of the bones & teeth.


Since vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from plants, scatter grapefruit segments over spinach salad to get the most out of your greens. 
Add some nuts or cheese.

For constipation drink 1/2 glass of grapefruit juice with a pinch of salt, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

For sleeplessness take 1 glass of grapefruit juice with 1 tsp of sugar, at bedtime.

For loss of appetite & taste take 1/2 glass of grapefruit juice with a pinch of black salt, before

Grapefruit Tea:

Cut a medium sized grapefruit in half & place in a saucepan. 
Cover with water & bring to a simmer for 15-20 minutes.
You may add 1 tsp Feverfew or 1 tsp Echinacea. 
Cool to room temperature.  

Liver Cleanse:

1 grapefruit juice
1-2 lemon or lime juice2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp freshly grated ginger or 1-2 garlic gloves
pinch of cayenne
Blend everything.
Don't eat or drink 2-3 hours after drinking it.You can only drink herbal tea or pure water what would help flush the toxins.

Grapefruit Salad:

4 large red grapefruit & avocados, peeled
1/3 cup orange juice
1/3 cup olive oil
3 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp honey
Salt & black pepper
Arrange the grapefruit & avocado slices in a serving dish. 
Whisk the orange juice, olive oil, lime juice & honey in a bowl then drizzle the dressing over the grapefruit & avocado slices. 
Add salt & black pepper.


Grapefruit helps to soften the cellulite,eliminates water retention,promotes hair growth & tones the skin.
Grapefruit juice prevents premature aging. 
Drink grapefruit juice each day. 

Grapefruit Peel will decrease the rate of appearance of wrinkles, freckles, hyper pigmentation as well as blackheads & white, dry, itchy skin & many different problems due to constant exposure to the Sun. 


Grapefruit symbolizes wealth & happiness in the home,also for purification & stress relief.
Use grapefruits to cleanse all negative vibrations.
Grapefruit releases anger, blame & self-criticism,relieves the feeling of disappointment in love & promotes lightness of spirit.

Grapefruit is energizing & purifying & can be used for ritual cleansing & healing rites. 

It awakens the senses & promotes mental clarity,signifies inner strength & resilience in adversity & is an appropriate oil for initiation rituals to aid the renewal of the soul.


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