The leaves, stems & flowering shoots of Lady's Bedstraw are antispasmodic, astringent, diuretic, foot care, lithontripic & vulnerary.
Leaves, stems & flowering tops are used as a treatment for kidney stones, gravel & urinary disorders in general, as a tonic & diuretic.
Bedstraw tea cleanses the liver, kidney, pancreas & spleen of toxic wastes.
It is also used as a poultice to treat skin infectionsexternal ulcers & wounds.
Placed on wounds it is said to stop bleeding & stopping nosebleeds
People also place a part of the plant in their shoes in order to prevent blisters.
A powder made from the fresh plant is used to soothe reddened skin & reduce inflammation whilst the plant is also used as a poultice on cuts, skin infections, slow-healing wounds etc. 
Yellow bedstraw is also used as a medication to ease skin disorders, including psoriasis

Lady's bedstraw is used for treating cancer, epilepsy, hysteria, spasms, tumors, loss of appetite & chest & lung ailments
It is also used to increase urine output for relieving water retention, especially swollen ankles.
It is advisable that people suffering from a lymphatic system disorder should drink this herbal tea every day. 
In addition, this tea is also useful for treating dropsy, anemia & suture in the side.
Yellow bedstraw can be used for treating conditions, such as hysteria, nervous disorders, St. Vitus dance or chorea, suppressed urine, stones & gravels in the bladder
People suffering from goiter may find this herb beneficial if they gurgle the tea throughout the day. 

You can make pillows of bedstraw to combat sleeplessness. The honey scent and soporific nature of the herb lend themselves to rest & relaxation & the heat of the head when resting on the pillow, provides enough heat to release the active essential oils.

Lady's bedstraw can also work its relaxation magic on tired feet & legs. Steep the herb in hot water, allow to cool slightly & soak aching or swollen feet or ankles for relief.


The plant is harvested as it comes into flower & is dried for later use.

Make a standard infusion using 30 g of dried or 3 handfuls of fresh herb to 600 ml boiling water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes - 4 hours then strain. 
The dosage is up to 1 cup a day, split into 3 doses.

To make a poultice
, chop the herb finely& mix with a little very hot water, then wrap in a gauze bandage & place over the area to be treated, refreshing in hot water as necessary.

An excellent non-alcoholic summer drink is prepared by distilling the flowering tips of yellow bedstraw that produces a sort of acid liquor.

The seeds of yellow bedstraw can also be used as a substitute for coffee after they are roasted well.


The tea used externally is said to help spots & skin disorders & ladies can use it as an astringent on the face.
Yellow bedstraw tea is also used topically to heal skin complaints, boils, wounds as well as blackheads. 
This tea is also a wonderful face wash & helps to firm up the facial skin. 
Obtain freshly pressed yellow bedstraw juice & brush it on the affected skin parts & allow it to dry.


Excellent herb for dream pillows, relaxation & release.
Place Bedstraw stalks with leaves under the pillow, secretly, to strengthen a failing marriage.
Bedstraw may be worn or carried for love.