Parsley leaves & root are high in iron content & rich in vitamins A, B, C & trace minerals.
Parsley is a natural antioxidant, which helps the body rid itself of toxins.
Parsley aids digestion of the foods we eat & acts to prevent gas &bloating.
Both parsley leaf & root can be used in teas as a diuretic to rid the body of excess water. This may explain its folklore reputation for helping gout & rheumatism.
It can also help with weight loss & has a positive effect on the kidneys.

Parsley chases away garlic breath when chewed fresh. A small piece of chocolate is said to have the same effect.

If the headache is due to tension caused by teeth grinding or generally keeping tense around the jaw, chewing fresh parsley is going to ease the tension as long as you do it at the onset of your headache.
Parsley has been used traditionally to treat high blood pressure, bring menstruation & for urinary problems as well as treating mosquito bites when applied topically.
It is a common health tonic & herbal remedy ingredient. 
Crushing Parsley leaves & rubbing them on the skin can relieve itching due to insect bites.
Parsley has been used to flush the kidneys of excess sodium & water & enable the body to better absorb potassium.
Parsley seed also has been used to treat rheumatism & arthritis.

Parsley tea can be used as an enema.

People have used parsley to encourage the removal of cholesterol in the veins.

It is beneficial for those who suffer from gallstones, as it can aid in dissolving them.
The volatile parsley oil is thought to be an aid in the prevention of tumor formation, particularly in the lungs.


The herb should be avoided by anybody who has an existing problem with the gallbladder or kidneys.
There is also the possibility that too much parsley could interfere with the absorption of calcium, but it would have to be an excessive amount for that to occur.
Medicinal use of Parsley is discouraged during pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage.


Parsley tea:

Steep 1 tsp dried herb or 2 tbsp fresh herb in
1 cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.


One of the best ways is to juice the fresh leaves, but this takes a whole lot of parsley to get just a small amount of intensely, green, herbaceous liquid.
Throw some bunches of parsley in when you juice carrots & apples instead of trying to juice it alone.

Parsley Pesto:

3 cloves of garlic
3 cups raw pumpkin seeds, soaked for 4-6 hours, drained & rinsed
2 cups parsley leaves (well-packed)
¾ cup cold-pressed olive oil
¾ tsp salt
Place everything into the food processor & process until well combined.

Swollen Legs:

Crush in even amounts,1:1 parsley leaves & roots.
Take 1 tbsp of crushed herb mix for 1 liter boiling water, leave to stand in a pot over night, covered & wrapped in the towels.
At the morning strain, press out all the liquid & add the juice of 1 lemon.
Drink this within 1 day in 3 parts.
Make a new drink for the next day,drink it the same way.
Take a break for 3 days &
take this drink again for 2 days.
Parsley helps to bring out the excess waters from the body,reducing swellings dramatically.


Creamy facial mask that leaves your skin soft & refreshed:

1 tbsp plain yogurt or sour cream
1 tbsp cucumber
1 tbsp parsley  
Puree the cucumber & parsley finely & mix with the yogurt until smooth.
Cover your face with this creamy mask.
This will rejuvenate your skin as it moistens.
Leave the mask on for approximately 15-20 minutes for best results.
Rinse with cool water.

Parsley Facial Toner:

30 g fresh parsley leaves
1/2 cup water
5 ml lemon juice
3 drops organic tea tree oil
3 drops organic rosemary essential oil
Chop parsley finely & then put it on the bottom of a french press:
Separately bring water to a boil & then pour it over the parsley in the french press. 
Let it steep for 10 min, plunge &  cool. 
Now add the rest of the ingredients & mix well & put in a dark bottle. 
Keep the toner refrigerated. 
Apply with a cotton ball moist in it & using circular motion. Avoid eye area.
This toner is highly clarifying,it is great for blemish/acne prone skin, for oily skin, skin inflammation & hormonal skin problems.
This toner is great as it changes the pH of the skin, which will kill any acne causing bacteria. 
The antioxidants from the ingredients help with blackheads & wrinkles.


In white magic terms, parsley brings luck & vitality.
Parsley can provoke lust & fertility.
It has been used in baths for purification & for preventing misfortune.
Parsley can also be placed on plates to protect the food from contamination.
Burning parsley will bring happiness.
Parsley is not only a sure sign of a strong woman, but it will only grow outside the home of an honest man.
Parsley should be picked, not cut & never give it away as misfortune is sure to follow.
If you are in love, you should never cut parsley, for you will be cutting your luck as well.
Parsley should never be transplanted,  growing from seed is thought to be critical.
The herb was never brought to the table of old, being held sacred to oblivion & to the dead. It was reputed to have sprung from the blood of the Greek hero Archemorus, the forerunner of death.
Parsley is generally regarded as an evil herb.
Parsley was a plant associated with the devil & notorious for its incredibly slow germination, parsley seed was said by some to have to go seven times to hell to obtain the devil’s permission before it could grow. Others believed that it had to go to the devil nine times before coming up. According to a related superstition, if parsley seeds failed to germinate, the unfortunate individual who planted them would meet with death sometime within the coming year.