Cowslip flowers & leaves are rich in vitamin C & beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, sodium & salicylates which help strengthen the immune system through its antioxidant properties & by lowering the cholesterol level.


Cowslip root can be used to treat rheumatism,arthritis,relieve pain in the bladder & alleviate nervous conditions.
It possesses mild diuretic & is useful in inhibiting blood clotting.
It also stimulates more liquid mucus, thereby facilitating the removal of phlegm from congested respiratory tract,especially during chronic bronchitis & chesty coughs.


Leaf tea is diuretic, laxative.
Brilliant source of vitamin C!!!One leaf gives you recommended daily amounts!


Cowslip has also been used to treat persistent coughs, particularly those that are related to chronic bronchitis as well as mucous clogging.
Flowers of cowslip are considered to have sedative attributes & are given to people suffering from insomnia, anxiety & over activity, especially in children.
In addition, flowers of cowslip are anti-inflammatory & antispasmodic, which makes them potentially effective in treating asthma as well as different allergic conditions.
Infusions are used to treat headaches, feverish chills, or head colds with mucus & flu.
Compresses soaked in hot infusion are applied to facial or trigeminal neuralgia.
Ointment is used on sunburns & skin blemishes.
Cowslip also promotes sweating.
A tea relieves rheumatic pains.
In spring ,cowslip is one of the best herb for general tiredness or weakened eyesight.
Strengthens heart,helps with kidney- & bladder stones.


Cowslip is not recommended to those who are allergic to aspirins, because of its high quantity of salicylants which are the main basis for aspirin.
It is also not recommended to be consumed by those who follow anticoagulant treatments or by pregnant women.
May cause skin allergy.


Young leaves & flowers are nutritious additions to salads & smoothies. The leaves can also be added to enrich soups & stews.
The flowers have a very distinctive & fresh fragrance & somewhat narcotic juices, which have given rise to their use in making the fermented liquor called Cowslip Wine, which had formerly a great & deserved reputation.

Tea for Aterosclerosis:

1 tbsp lime flowers

2 tbsp red clover
2 tbsp cowslips
10 tbsp nettles

Take 2 tbsp of mix of these herbs,pour over 500 ml boiling water.
Leave to infuse over night.Strain.
Drink 1 cup 3 times every day 10 min before meals.

Blood Purifying Spring Tea: 

50 g cowslips
50 g elder flower shoots,cluster of flowers in their unopened green state
15 g stinging nettle.
15 g dandelion roots

Take 1 tsp of this mixture to 1/4 l of boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes.
May be sweetened with a little honey.

Cowslip Wine for Heart Complaints:

Fill 2 l bottle loosely with fresh flowers of cowslips (whole,just stalks off).
Pour White Wine over,the flowers have to be covered.
Keep the bottle loosely covered, in the sun for 14 days.
Take a sip of this wine when needed.
People with a heart disease should take 3  tbsp a day.

Cowslip Tea:

½ to 1 tsp of cowslips
1 cup of  water

Pour boiling water over the herbs.
Allow to steep 4-7 minutes, then strain.
Drink 1- 2 cups of tea daily. If desired, add honey & or lemon to taste.
In case of migraine,tiredness,headache,drink 1 cup of tea small sips over the day.

Cowslip  Root Extract:

1 tsp chopped root
1 cup water

Put the root in the water & bring to the boil.
Simmer for 5 min.
Leave to steep for 10 min, then strain & drink.

Spring Salad:

100 g radishes,sliced
100 g salad leaves
100 g young dandelion-,sorrel- & nettle leaves
200 g natural yogurt or sour cream
salt,pinch of sugar

Chop the leaves,mix everything,season.
Goes very well also as a side salad served with meat or fish.

Cowslip & Spring Onions Salad:

300 g cowslips
100 g spring onions
1 tbsp sour cream
1 egg,boiled,sliced

Chop the herbs.
Season & add the sour cream.
Arrange egg slices on top.

Beetroot Slices with Cowslip Topping:

100 g cowslip leaves

25 g spring onion

boiled beetroot,sliced
1  tbsp sour cream

Chop  the herbs.
Season & mix with sour cream (you can replace the sour cream with natural yogurt)
Arrange the filling over the beet slices.
Place into the refrigerator for 10 min before serving.

Cowslip & Egg Salad:

200 g cowslips,chopped
2 eggs,boiled,chopped
100 g  onions,chopped
80 g rice,boiled
40 g butter

Boil the rice,add butter,season.
Add eggs & herbs.Mix.

Cowslip Salad:

100 g cowslip leaves
0,5 cucumber
2-3 tomatoes
small lettuce
3 eggs,boiled

Chop everything,mix with mayonnaise & season.

For especially special treat I add our favorite Delicious Cowslip Cake:

5 eggs
200 g sugar
pinch of salt
150 g butter
250 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1-2 handfuls of cowslips

Whisk eggs with sugar & salt until strong foam forms.
Quickly mix in the flour mixed with baking powder,melted butter & cowslip flowers (only yellow bits).
Pour the mix into the buttered loaf pan & bake at 200C for ca 30 min.


A wash of cowslip water will improve the complexion.


Cowslip brings you luck if found & helps you to find the treasure.
If you wish to avoid visitors, place a piece of cowslip beneath your front porch & they will leave you in peace.
To preserve your youth or regain it when lost, wear the herb.
Many rural people hold this herb as sacred. The flowers are gathered & hung over the doorway to bring protection.
This is an excellent herb for increasing one's skills at keeping a mental focus whilst sustaining concentration during & ritual work.
The powerful scent has healing properties.
A woman who washes her face with milk infused with cowslip will draw her beloved closer to her.
Induces contact with departed loved ones during dreams.
Cowslip suits to people who feel that they are alone in this world & nobody loves them.Cowslip will bring the peace in the heart..
In Germany,the cowslip with its bunch of blossoms resembling a bunch of keys,is supposed to have the magic power of discovering hidden treasures.

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