Fumaria Officinalis
Fumitory is diuretic & purgative, which have a general cleansing effect on the whole body.

Common Fumitory can be used for alleviating fungal infections & skin problems, anti- itching & anti-jaundice,liver disorders, blood purifier, anti inflammatory, diuretic, mucus excretion, strengthening gums to prevent bleeding.

Fumitory is used to treat chronic & acute bile-duct disorders that are accompanied by cramps.
Fumitory helps with migraines, intolerance of fatty foods, constipation & nausea associated with the insufficient flow of bile
Fumitory can heal gallbladder disease, inflammation of the liver & help bile to flow from the gallbladder. 
It has been shown to improve liver function by up to 80% plus detox & heal the liver in general. 
Fumitory also prevents the formation of gallbladder stones, & works as a great antispasmodic compound for the gallbladder. 

Promotes bowel movement, removes accumulations & relieves constipation.
It can also be used to remedy digestive disorders such as dyspepsia, flatulence nausea.
Larger doses act as a laxative & diuretic, but excessive doses can cause diarrhea & stomachache. 

The plant's sedative properties are useful for treating a range of illnesses including irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure & asthma.

Both internally & externally used for skin complaints, including psoriasis,eczema & dermatitis
Fumitory made into a cream or an ointment is great for itchy rashes
Very helpful in case of the cradle cap on babies.

Fumitory is full of antioxidants that help to slow the aging process.

Sometimes the dried leaves of Fumitory are smoked in the manner of tobacco, for disorders of the head.


Despite its numerous therapeutic properties, it is advisable to exercise some caution while using fumitory. 
Using the herb in excessive amounts may result in tranquilizing & hypnotic after-effects, particularly if the herb is taken continuously for around eight days.
Large doses can also cause drowsiness,stomach upsets & diarrhea.

Fumitory's side effects include lowered blood pressure, nausea & vomiting.

Do not use when taking drugs prescribed to lower blood pressure or treat heart problems.
Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Do not use if you suffer from glaucoma or are prone to seizures.


Pour ½ cup of boiling water over 1-2 tsp of fumitory. 
Steep for about 10 min,strain. 
Drink the fresh, warm tea about 30 min before mealtimes, 3 times daily.

Infusion: steep 1 tsp of herb in 1 cup water. Take cold, a glassful at a time, every 4 hours.

Compress:Soak a cloth in an infusion of the dried flowers & apply it to the affected areas 2-3 x a day.

Cold extract: use 1 tsp herb with 1/2 cup cold water. 
Let stand for 8-10 hours. 
Take 1/2 -1 cup per day.

Fumitory tincture: Steep herbs in brandy for 2-3 weeks in dark warm place.
Take 1/2 -1 tsp  3x every day. 

Tea for psoriasis:

0,5 tbsp of oak bark
1 tbsp of walnut husks, yarrow, common fumitory 
2 tbsp of marigold, willow bark, Celadine, speedwell
3 tbsp of meadowsweet
4 tbsp of stinging nettle 
Boil some water & steep 0,5 tsp of the mix into a cup of boiling water for 1-2 min. 
Drink 8 cups a day.

Spring Tonic:

For a purifying tonic mix in a blender a handful each of fresh fumitory, wild pansy & dandelion with 1 cup of cold water, strain. 
Drink 60 ml of the tonic up to 4 times a day. 
Throw out the leftover tonic at night.

Itchy Skin:

1/3 cup of Aloe Vera with 4 drops each of Lavender, Tea Tree & Fumitory essential oils can help to ease itchiness when applied to the skin.


The most traditional application of the fumitory is the ointment for cradle cap but can be extended to seborrhoic dermatitis elsewhere on the body. 
Fumitory-infused oils can serve as a base salve to which other anti-fungal essential oils can be added. 
Used as facial tonic because of its emollient properties.
The juice of the fumitory leaves is excellent for removing freckles & clearing the skin.
Fumitory also heals acne & clears up blemishes thus bringing about beautiful skin.


Fumitory has a long history of being used as a smudging herb or to chase away not only evil spirits & baneful wights but also many friendly spirits. 
According to the ancient exorcists, when the plant is burned, its smoke has the power of expelling evil spirits, demons, poltergeists & other evil entities. 

Germanic witches used to throw stems on the fire to invite spirits from the underworld.
Fumitory can be used in money & protection spells. 
It is a significant ingredient in making a magic-spell that has a money-drawing effect.
Sprinkling an infusion of fumitory herb through your home & rubbing onto your shoes is a way to bring money into the home quickly. 

Fumitory can also be used in purification baths preceding rituals.

Used to counter magic, to protect & to purify & cleanse the body.

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