Wisteria's seed is diuretic & is used in the treatment of heart ailments.


The seed of all members of this genus is poisonous.
The bark contains & resin are poisonous.
The seed & seedpod poisoning produce mild to severe gastro-enteritis.


The fragrant flowers of wisteria make a wonderful addition to salads or just nibbled as a raw snack.
They have been used to flavor wines.
Note that all other parts of the plant are very toxic!

Seed can be used cooked.
Flowers can be cooked. Wash thoroughly & boil or make fritters.
Leaves contain allantoic acid & are used as a tea substitute. The young leaves can also be eaten.


Wisteria is for women who have problems with their femininity & sexuality & for men who deny the softer & more feminine part of themselves.
It relieves fear of intimacy in both men & women.
Use for prayer & meditation.
Wisteria also aids channeling.
Wisteria aids in keeping thoughts organized in the pursuit of intellectual development.
Wisteria tea can be taken to help you learn while you are studying for exams.

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