Meadowsweet is a mild, but effective anti-inflammatory herb used to treat arthritis & other aches & pains.
Meadowsweet leaves & flowers contain salicylates, compounds that are converted by the body to aspirin.
Meadowsweet is especially helpful for those arthritis sufferers who have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) from years of taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Meadowsweet is effective in a wide range of digestive problems, including diarrhea in children.

One of the best remedies for acidic digestive problems, meadowsweet
promotes stomach repair while controlling acid release.
Taken symptomatically, meadowsweet tea relieves mild heartburn or acid reflux,although for best results, meadowsweet may need to be taken long-term.

The herb’s astringent,binding quality
makes it a useful treatment for
chronic diarrhea & irritable bowel.

Rheumatic aches & pains, fibromyalgia Meadowsweet can bring relief to stiff, sore & aching muscles & joints, soothing inflammation & stimulating clearance of acid residues.
Where symptoms get worse on waking
or sitting for long periods, combine it
with celery seed (Apium graveolens) in
order to ease inflammation & aid free
It protects & soothes the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, reducing excess acidity & alleviating nausea & can be used in the treatment of hyperacidity, gastritis & peptic ulceration.
Filipendula is used as a supportive treatment for common colds & to reduce fever.
In children, meadowsweet is particularly helpful in bringing down high fevers.
It is also recommended for water retention & for bladder & kidney ailments.
Externally the infusion can serve as a wash for wounds or inflamed eyes.

Meadowsweet tea is made from the flower of the herb & is naturally diuretic in nature.
While preparing the tea, allow it to stand for a while so that the salicylic acid seeps into the tea; this provides good relief from headaches.

Meadowsweet is successfully used to combat obesity & cellulite.

An acid stomach e.g. can be caused by an unbalanced diet. A change of diet will have to be considered in this case, while herbal treatment will help to re-balance & re-adjust the secretion of stomach acid.


Since meadowsweet contains small amounts of salicilate, it should not be used by people with a sensitivity to aspirin or similar products.
It is not recommended for use by those taking blood thinning medications.
If the tincture is to be used to treat gastric ulceration or excess acidity, the alcohol content, which might otherwise irritate the gut, can be reduced by adding it to boiling water.


Use fresh leaves to flavor sorbets & fruit salads.

Tea for rheumatism:

Boil 1 liter of water & add 40 g of meadowsweet dried flowers into the pot.
Cover & steep for about 10 minutes.
Drink 3 cups per day for a long period of time, until you feel better.

Indigestion or diarrhea:

Make a meadowsweet infusion:
1-2 tsp dried meadowsweet per cup
Steep meadowsweet in boiling water for up to 10 minutes.
Drink 1 cup every 2-3 hours until symptoms improve.


Take powdered meadowsweet with water as a tonic, or make an infusion.
 ½-1 tsp powdered meadowsweet in 1 cup of water
Mix powdered meadowsweet with water & take up 3 times a day before meals.

Muscle aches,back pain,arthritis:

Take a tincture by mouth, soak a thin towel in tincture to apply to a specific site, or take a soothing bath filled with dried meadowsweet.

3-4 cups dried meadowsweet
4-5 cups apple cider vinegar
To make a tincture, sterilize a large glass jar & add the meadowsweet & vinegar. Close the jar, then shake well for up to 5 minutes.
Store in a dark, cool place for 14 days, remembering to shake the jar every 2 days.
Once 2 weeks has passed, strain your tincture into a darkened glass bottle.
Take 2-4 ml  up to 3 times a day, or soak a thin towel in tincture & apply to sore areas as needed.
Placing a warm water bottle over the towel during topical application aids absorption.


This sweetly scented flower commonly named "bridal wort" was popular in bridal bouquets, thought to bring love, joy, a beautiful wedding day & a happy marriage.
It was one of the three sacred herbs renowned by Druids, along with vervain & water-mint.

Meadowsweet may be more suitable for finding a passionate but short-lived affair rather than marital bliss.
It is also associated with the gift of courage & protection & may be used to attune to the fairy realm.

Diviners have employed herbs since ancient times. However, not all herbal divinations center on romance & matrimony. Meadowsweet gathered on Midsummer, for example,was used long ago to determine the gender of a thief. It was believed that if the plant sank when placed on water, the thief was male. If it floated, this indicated a female.

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