A Druid Sacred Herb.
Heather, used fresh or dry, strengthens the heart & slightly raises the blood pressure.

The flowering shoots of heather are used for insomnia, stomach pains, coughs & skin problems.
Heather tea usage may be part of a colonic detoxification treatment.
Heather has remarkable abilities of flushing toxins out of the kidneys & liver.
The remedy made from heather is an excellent diuretic & urinary anti-septic agent, helping in disinfecting the entire urinary tract & mildly boosting the production of urine.
The remedy plays a role in the treatment of cystitis & alleviates inflammatory bladder conditions in individuals with infection in the urinary system.
The remedy made from the heather herb has also been employed in the treatment of kidney & bladder stones.
It is very helpful in treating problems such as rheumatism, in treating arthritis, as well as in treating gout & related metabolic problems.
An herbal liniment is made from the macerated flowering tips; this can be rubbed on affected joints to alleviate the pain of arthritic conditions.
The traditional remedy for chilblains is a hot poultice made from the flowering tips of heather.

Heather also has a mildly sedative effect on the body.
The herbal infusion made from the flowering heather shoots is employed as a remedy in treating colds & coughs.

Heather is useful for ailments of the genitourinary systems, vaginal discharge, enlarged prostate & menstrual & menopausal symptoms.
It stimulates the flow of bile & urine, making it useful in cleansing & purifying teas.

It is also a soothing herb and is good for spasmodic complaints in any system, including stomach & intestinal cramping & spasmodic coughs.
Its soothing nature also makes it good for nervousness & insomnia.
Heather has also traditional uses as a mild sedative & as a sleep aid, usually in the form of tea. But as the herb can act as a diuretic, it isn’t wise to overdo the intake of the tea before going to bed.
Tea made from the flowers is used as an herbal remedy for diarrheastomach pain & colic.

One of the traditional remedies to treat arthritisgout & rheumatism is to make strong herbal tea made from heather & add it to bath water.
It can also be added to salves for gout & rheumatism & to soothing skin preparations.
Heather has been used successfully, especially in Germany, to treat rheumatic pains.
The reason for this is probably because it contains a substance that removes excess uric acid from the body.
Heather works well as both an antiseptic & detoxifier.


Heather may raise blood pressure slightly & should not be used by people with blood pressure issues.
Be cautious about taking excess amounts of the tea.
It’s only recommended to drink heather tea during the course of an infection, as excessive use is known to cause side effects, including potential liver damage.


Heather can be used fresh or dried.
The flowering stems are collected in the fall & then the stems are dried for use at a later time.

To make a tea,pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1- 2 tsp of finely chopped heather & strain after 10 minutes.
Take 3 times per day.
Heather tea is not recommended for prolonged use, due to the high tannin content of the leaves that may damage the liver & alimentary canal.

From the treatment of bladder, kidney & liver infections to the potential natural removal of parasites, heather tea has a strong cleansing effect on the body.
Upon the onset of such an infection, it’s recommended to steep 3 cups of heather tea per day until the infection goes away.
Heather tea may not only slow the progression of such infections, but also assist with overall bodily health by helping to remove the buildup of toxins in various organs, therefore potentially preventing other diseases further down the road.

Mildly sedative tea to help depression, insomnia & nervous exhaustion:
Use 2-3 tsp of fresh flowers to a cup of boiling water & infuse for about five minutes.

A heather bath would also help these conditions, as well as helping joint problems.

Heather Ale:

4 l heather tops
3.5 cups sugar
3.5 cups malt extract
14 l water
4 envelopes dried yeast
Cut the heather tops with scissors when in full bloom, but not overblown & boil them in 14 l water for 1 hour.
Strain through a jelly bag on to the malt extract & sugar & stir until dissolved.
Add remaining water & when lukewarm, add the dried yeast.
Cover with a cloth & leave in a warm place for 5-6 days.
Siphon into screw-top bottles, adding 1 tsp of sugar to each.
Leave until clear before drinking & always decant carefully into a jug to avoid sediment.
Heather ale takes longer to clear than other ales, so be patient.

Infusion for insomnia: steep 1 tsp shoots in 1/2 cup water.
Sweeten with 1 tsp honey.

Decoction: boil 4 tsp shoots in 1 cup water for a short time only.
Take 1/2 cup per day.


In Scotland the white flower variety of heather is a symbol for good luck & is often used in bridal bouquets in traditional Scottish weddings.
Heather is said to be stained with the blood of war in Scotland, thus, white heather is the luckiest & the best for use in magic.
In Norway, there’s a saying: “Where one can find white heather, there has been a crime.”

Heather has also long been used to conjure ghosts.

Red Heather is used for passion, to start or end an affair.
Purple for spiritual development.
White for cooling passions of unwanted suitors.

Heather may open portals between this world & the faery world,
where the Fae of this flower are especially attracted to shy people.

Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with this magic herb can bring dreams foretelling good fortune.

In Ireland, it has been used to conjure the spirits of the dead.

Heather is both helpful to those who shape shift, as well as protective against harmful shifters.

Heather can be used in spells relating to new beginnings & self-discovery, enhancing physical beauty & bringing a peaceful resolution to any conflict.
It is also used at initiations.

Keeping heather about the house will attract friendly spirits & will bring peace to the household.

Carrying heather will attract positive energies, general good luck & protect against rape & other violent assaults, making it useful for traveling sachets.

Burning heather together with fern will aid in magic designed to bring rain. The two plants can also be bundled together & used to sprinkle water on the ground for the same purpose.

Heather helps in summoning spirits & attracts faeries to the garden.

Heather is a good plant to use to make besoms & can be added to midsummer fires to ensure the fertility of the attendants.

Heather should be part of a bridal bouquet or the decorations to ensure good luck to the couple & peace & cooperation in their household.

Heather is sacred to the Summer Solstice.
Heather is used for magic involving maturity, consummation, general luck, love, ritual power, conjuring ghosts, healing, protection, rain-making & water magic.

Legend has it that a gift of white Heather brings luck to both the giver & the receiver.

Heather is associated with secrets from the Otherworld.
After picking a piece of white Heather at midnight, place it in a glass of river water in the darkest corner of your home. Sit & think of a departed loved one & it is said that the loved ones shadow will visit you.

Heather is useful for Solitary healing work.
Heather, if used along with Mistletoe, creates powerful healing medicine in both spiritual & physical aspects.

Heather can be used at Midsummer to promote love – carry red Heather for passion or white Heather for cooling the passion of unwanted suitors.

A charm bag filled with Heather can be carried for decreasing egotism or self-involvement.

In Scotland farmers carried torches of burning heather around their fields before midsummer to insure good crops & around their cattle to ensure their fertility.

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