Yellow Archangel is effective for wounds,ulcers & swellings.
The leaves & flowers of the Yellow Dead Nettle are used for scanty or burning urine, bladder troubles, kidney disorders & fluid retention in the heart.
The flowers are used for digestive troubles, scrofula & skin rashes, drink 1 cup of this tea during the morning.
A tea is also beneficial in abdominal & menstrual complaints, drink 2 cups during the day.
It cleanses the blood & is an effective remedy for sleeplessness.
It is used in lung complaints & as a diuretic.
For varicose veins make a compresses from the infusion.
A soothing Yellow Dead Nettle sitz bath, with the decoction added,can be recommended for bladder malfunction with older people, as well as for chill in the bladder & nephritis.


Yellow Archangel is edible & the plant can be used in the same way as White Dead Nettle.
The young leaves & shoots can be eaten raw.
Later, when the plant is more mature & the leaves are tougher, you can steam or lightly cook the leaves & eat as a green.
At any stage you can add the leaves to soups as you would the leaves of Stinging Nettle.
Young shoots & leaves, boiled or sauted.

Yellow Dead Nettle , Bedstraw & Golden Rod Infusion: 1 tsp per 1/4 litre of boiling water, infused for a short time.
For cirrhosis of the kidneys & when renal dialysis has to be performed.

Compress: 3 tsp per 1/2 litre of boiling water, infused for a short time.
A cloth is soaked in the infusion & applied warmly.


Guardian against evil spirits & spells & for protecting cattle against a black magic disease.

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