Nuphar lutea
The roots are anaphrodisiac, anodyne, antiscrofulatic, astringent, cardiotonic, demulcent & sedative.
Alkaloids in the root are reportedly hypotensive, antispasmodic, cardiac, tonic & vasoconstrictor.
The root contains steroids & is a folk remedy for infertility.

A tea made from the roots is used in the treatment of "sexual irritability", blood diseases, chills etc.
The root is poulticed & applied to swellings, inflammations, cuts etc.

A poultice of sliced rhizomes can be applied to skin ulcers, broken bones or aching joints.

A tea from the rhizomes- for tuberculosis, heart disease, swellings, asthma, chest pains & gonorrhea.

The tea can be also used as a blood tonic, general tonic or appetite stimulant.

The leaves heated & used as a poultice for chest pains.

The Yellow Water Lily plant can also be mixed into a concoction for applying to cuts, bites & infections.


Caution should be exercised because large doses are potentially toxic.


Native Americans consumed the starchy root stocks as boiled or roasted vegetables & harvested the seed for grinding into flour.
Seeds of Yellow Water Lilies are edible.


Add enough fresh chopped root to fill the glass container.
Cover with vodka or brandy.
Place it into a cool, dark area for few weeks.
Take ½ - 1 drops up to 3 times a day.
Avoid use during dull aching, congested conditions which need stimulation.
The fresh root tincture is a cooling remedy for reproductive tract irritation or inflammation.
Use in hot, painful conditions.

Root as cooked could be possible emergency food. The root has a bitter flavor - this bitterness can be removed by leaching the root in water.

The powder or slices of roots can be sprinkled on food.

Leaves & leaf stalks used cooked.

Seeds can be ground into a powder & used in making bread & porridge, or for thickening soups etc. The seed can also be parched, when it swells considerably but does not burst like popcorn. It is then normally eaten dry.

A refreshing drink is made from the flowers.


The yellow water lily was said to destroy or remove the sexual drive if taken.Possibly for that reason it is adopted as a symbol of celibacy.

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