This plant has a strong affinity for the respiratory organs, especially the lower left lung.
It can be made into a syrup & given for pulmonary affections.
Forget-me-not aids in cooling the body & clearing the lungs. Use 5 -7 buds per cup.

The infusion of forget-me-not is very good due to its anti-inflammatory effect, so it can be used for treatment in certain sensitive areas.
Inflammation of the ear can be treated by washing with an infusion of forget-me-not.
Due to the relaxing & calming effects it can be used as an eye lotion.


Forget-me-not might be unsafe.It belongs to a plant family that contains chemicals that can cause severe liver damage & cancer.


Forget-me-not flower is the symbol of constancy,faithfulness & friendship.
It is also the symbol of love & if person wore some it meant that they were not forgotten by their lover.
If a young lady gives the forget-me-not flower to a young man,it is sure to bring ill luck,a quarrel or something unpleasant.

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