Glechoma hederacea
The leaves & flowering stems are anodyne, antiphlogistic, appetizer, astringent, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, pectoral, gently stimulant, tonic & vermifuge.

Ground ivy is used to treat many problems involving the mucous membranes of the ear, nose, throat & digestive system.
It can be given to children to clear lingering catarrh & to treat chronic conditions such as glue ear & sinusitis.
The leaves are used in the treatment of hypersensitivity in children & are useful in the treatment of kidney diseases & indigestion.
Ground Ivy infusion can be used to heal coldsmeasles & hives in children.

It is also beneficial when used for tinnitus.

Due to its anti-inflammatory & astringent actions, Ground Ivy is helpful in the treatment of diarrhea & as a topical application for hemorrhoids.

It can be used for all inward wounds & ulcerations.

It is also said to ease all gripping pains, gas & choleric conditions of the stomach & spleen.
It is believed to encourage bile flow & has been used successfully to treat gastric & duodenal ulcers as well as jaundice & inflammations of the lower urinary tract, particularly cystitis.
Ground Ivy is a good general metabolism stimulant.

When boiled together, ground ivy, honey & calendula will produce an infusion to clean fistulas & ulcers.
The juice of ground ivy is also said to be good for bruises & black eye.
Combine it with yarrow or chamomile to make an excellent poultice for abscesses.

Ground Ivy is supportive to primary treatment in kidney disease & has been used with success for cancer of the bladder.

Ground Ivy is an excellent spring tonic & appetite stimulant containing a volatile oil which aids in relieving congestion & inflammation of mucous membranes that are a symptom of colds, flu & sinusitis.

Also helpful in preventing leukemia, bronchitis, hepatitis, cancer & HIV.

Compresses prepared from an intensified decoction of the herb are employed to heal wounds, bruises, cuts & abscesses.

An herbal tea helps to purify the blood as well as the tissues affected by any toxic heavy metal, for instance, zinc, copper, lead & cadmium.
Take 1 litre every day for 10 consecutive days or for a maximum period of 3 months, conditional on the severity of the poisoning by the metal.

The fresh juice or a medicinal tea is used to treat digestive disorders, gastritis, acid indigestion & diarrhea.
It is also beneficial for liver & kidney function, said to relieve gravel & stones.

Added to bath as an emollient to soften skin & has a sedative effect.

A snuff was made from the dried powdered leaves & snuffed up the nose prompted relief from colds & migraine headaches.
Fresh juice of Ground Ivy was sniffed up the nose to relieve headaches.


Ground ivy may interact with certain medications, including blood thinners, ASA , iron, birth control pills & fluphenazine.

Do not use ground ivy together with pennyroyal. Both of these heBrbs contain an oil called pulegone, which can damage the liver.
It is known to contain substances that can damage the liver & also cause miscarriages.
Larger amounts can irritate the stomach, intestines & kidneys & cause serious liver damage.

Its use is also contraindicated or prohibited by patients enduring epilepsy.


The flowers of ground ivy may be consumed or utilized in the form of an attractive dressing for salads.
The tender leaves may be consumed raw or after cooking.
The leaves of ground ivy possess an astringent taste & they may be blended into salads to provide a somewhat aromatic essence.
Alternately, the young leaves of ground ivy may also be cooked in the same manner in which we cook spinach, employed in the form of a flavouring &/ or added to soups & stews.

Tea: Steep 1 tsp of dried aerial parts in boiling water & strain,take up to 3 times daily
Tea with yarrow, boneset & elderflower can be taken at the beginning of colds.

Oil from ground ivy include 50 g of freshly dried ground ivy & 1 l of olive oil.
Pound the dried ground ivy using a blender or a mortar.
Add the olive oil & blend it.
Allow the mixture to macerate for a about 1 month & strain.
Pour the oil in small bottles.
This oil is known to be a wonderful topical remedy for bruises, wounds & even muscle aches.

Spring Tonic: Steep 2 tsp of fresh or dried herb in 1 cup water for 10 min.
Add peppermint or honey to taste.

Colds & flu: Express fresh juice with press.
Take in 1 tsp doses 3 times a day.
Use 2 -3 drops in nose twice a day for sinusitis.

Ground Ivy Tincture:

Remove leaves & flowers from stem & lightly pack them in a clean sterilized jar.
Fill jar about half full & cover leaves with a good brand of Vodka,at least 80 proof, leaving about 1inch of space between alcohol & lid.
Store jar out of direct light for approximately 4-6 weeks.
Shake jar daily & check to be sure that no leaves have risen above the level of the alcohol.
When your tincture is ready, strain it into clean bottles.

Usual dosage of tincture is 5-10 drops in a glass of water or hot tea up to 3x daily.


Ground ivy is used as a hex-breaker, & to discover who planted the hex.
It is also used as a surrogate substance for a large body of water in magical practice.
To bless your home & fill it with love & abundance, make a wreath of Ground Ivy vines & place it over your front door.

Considered a safeguard against sorcery it was worn by milkmaids when first milking cows in the pastures.
A magic charm, it was used to prevent the cows from enchantment.
In many regions the first milking of the cows was actually done through a wreath of ground ivy.

Other magical uses of ground ivy included promoting sleep, meditation, healing, love, friendship & fidelity.
The ritual use of ground ivy was popular & the herb was often woven into crowns & garlands to be worn on Midsummer’s Eve.

To find out who might be using negative magic against you, place some ground ivy around the base of a yellow candle.
Burn the candle on a Tuesday & the person will then become known to you.
If you wind Ground Ivy around a blue candle, it will help you see into the future.

A tea may be sipped to help overcome shyness.
Strewing leaves of this herb about the floors of your home is said to promote serenity & peaceful dreams.

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