Lupine is rich in minerals & vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium & has a high content of manganese.

The seeds soaked in water to soften them are applied externally to ulcers. Taken internally, they stimulate the kidneys, bring on the menstrual period & will destroy intestinal worms.
Powdered seeds are poulticed for oily skin, scabs & blemishes. As they absorb radiation well, they are planted around radioactive accident sites such as Chernobyl.


Wild varieties of Lupines are poisonous in nature.
Both sweet & bitter Lupines contain toxic alkaloids that cause Lupine poisoning, a nervous condition. It is similar to neurolathyrism, which is produced from the ingestion of seeds of Sweet Peas.

People with peanut allergy should generally avoid lupines.


Used as a protein-rich vegetable or savoury dish in any of the ways that cooked beans are used, they can also be roasted or ground into a powder.
If the seed is bitter this is due to the presence of toxic alkaloids & the seed should be thoroughly leached before being cooked.


A cosmetic face-mask can be made from lupine seeds flour, this is used to invigorate tired skin.



Powdered leaves, root & especially the seeds can be used to absorb psychic & magical radiation as well as physical gamma rays & as such is good for cleaning up serious psychic messes.

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