The primary efficacy of herb Robert is in the form of an astringent that is applied topically to skin bruises & exasperations.
The leaves of herb Robert are known to possess anti-rheumatic, mildly diuretic, astringent & vulnerary attributes. 
The leaves of this herb also have the aptitude to lower the blood sugar levels & it may be helpful in treating diabetes

It is used to treat abscesses in the connective tissue around the tonsils & nosebleeds.
The tea or a poultice has been used externally to relieve eye inflammation, skin irritations, herpes, swollen breasts,also to stimulate lactation, fistulas, tumors, ulcers.

The herb was even thought to mend broken bones.

Can also be used for ovarian cancer, intestinal cancer & stomach, breast cancer, tuberculosis, lung cancer, hematuria, radiation, impotence, ovarian cysts polycystic ovarian, leukemia & sterility.

Herb is useful in stopping hemorrhages & for inflammations in the region of the fingernails & toenails.

Herb Robert tea has been used to treat malaria, tuberculosisdiabetesstomach & intestinal disorders including diarrheajaundice & kidney infections.
Use the tea also as a rinse for inflammations of the mouth & the dilute tea as an eyewash
The tea can be used as a gargle to relieve sore throatsmouth sores or toothache.

A hot poultice of boiled leaves is said to be good for bladder pains, fistulas, bruises, erysipelas, stomach ailments, intestinal ailments, tumors, ulcers & persistent skin problems.
The green, crushed leaves are applied to relieve pain & inflammation
Externally, wash or poultice used to relieve swollen breasts, wounds & for cancer.

The fresh leaves rubbed on the body are believed to repel insects.
Herb Robert plant is generally used fresh & may be harvested during any time between the later parts of spring to early autumn.


Not to be taken with blood-thinning medications.


Herb Robert Tea:

In a cup of water put 1 tbsp of dried leaves & flowers, neither crushed, to soak over night. 
Strain in the morning & scald the remaining plant with another cup of boiling water.
After leaving to cool for 30 min at room temperature, filter this infusion. 
Drink 3 cups of tea per day on an empty stomach unsweetened, without alcohol.


Steep 1 level tbsp. dried herb in 1 cup boiling hot water for 5-10 min. Take 1 cup per day.

Cold extract: 

Use 2 tsp. dried herb with 1 cup cold water. 
Let stand for 8-10 hours in a covered pot.


Storksbill was used as a good luck charm & believed to bring happiness, good fortune & good health. 
Being associated with storks it was also believed to work as a sympathetic magic charm in fertility magic.

Herb Robert belongs to Puck, an evil fairy whom Shakespeare called hobgoblin.
If this hobgoblin set up residence in one's house, death was sure to follow & if a spring of Herb Robert were discovered in the house,it was sure proof of Puck's curse. 
If the bird called Red Robin flew into the house, this was an omen of death. 
As fairy, geranium, & bird could all be omens of death, it is not too surprising that another of the many names for Herb Robert is Death Come Quickly.