Rue has been used to combat nervous indigestion, chronic bronchitis, coughs, colic & croup, flatulence, epilepsy, various forms of muscle pain & joint conditions, vertigo & to promote better, clearer eyesight.
It is regarded as a strong antispasmodic & has even been used to treat hysterical fits & palpitations
It is used for digestion problems including loss of appetite, upset stomach & diarrhea
It is also used for heart & circulation problems including heart palpitations & arteriosclerosis.
Some people use rue for breathing problems including pain & coughing due to swelling around the lungs.

Rue is used for other painful conditions including headache, arthritis, cramps & muscle spasms & for nervous system problems including nervousness, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis & Bell's palsy.

Other uses include treatment of fever, hemorrhage, hepatitis, weakness of the eyes, water retention, intestinal worm infestations & mouth cancer.
Rue is also used to kill bacteria & fungus.
Traditionally used to bring on suppressed menses.
Some women use rue for menstrual problems & to stimulate the uterus.
It is also an insect repellent.
Rue was once an officially recognized treatment for hypertension, diabetes & allergic reactions.

Rue is sometimes applied directly to the skin to treat arthritis, dislocations, sprains, injuries of the bone, swollen skin, earaches, toothaches, headaches, tumors & warts.
Tea made from the leaves is used to treat stomach pains, dizziness, coughs, vertigo, anxiety problems & high blood pressure.
Use the tea as an eye wash for tired eyes & to wash wounds.
The tea is also used to decrease the pain & inflammation of an earache.
The juice or oil is placed in the ear to relieve earaches.
The leaves are used in poultices & salves to relieve sciatica, gout & rheumatic pains.

A poultice of fresh leaves alleviates the pain of scorpion bites & jellyfish stings.
A strong infusion made by pouring a little boiling water on dried or fresh rue leaves can be dabbed on insect bites.
Crushed rue leaves are placed in the ear canal to relieve ear aches & headaches.

Rue tea can be used to treat coughs or croup.
It can regulate menstruation & it also helps with heart palpitations & panicky headaches & spasms.

In case of chest congestion that might make it difficult to breathe, you can soak a towel in rue tea & place it on your chest. You can do the same if you've got sciatica: apply the towel on your back.

Chewing a leaf or two is said to calm hysterics & heart palpitations.
Rue leaves placed on the forehead relieve headaches.


Rue is toxic in large doses, you should not experiment with Rue if you are not familiar with using herbs.
It should not ever be taken by pregnant women because of it may affect uterine contractions & blood flow. 

When taken by mouth, it can cause side effects such as stomach irritation, changes in mood, sleep problems, dizziness, spasms, serious kidney & liver damage & death. 
When applied to the skin, it can cause rash & increased sensitivity to the sun.

It is UNSAFE for both mother & unborn child to take rue during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Rue can cause uterine contractions, which can cause a miscarriage.
Rue can make existing GI problems worse.
Rue can harm the kidney & irritate the urinary tract.
Rue can make existing liver problems worse.

Rue interacts negatively with blood-thinning medications. Ingestion of Rue may prolong blood coagulation time.
Do not boil rue.
Do not use in large quantities.
Do not use for more than 6 weeks at a time.
Avoid if suffering from hemorrhagic diseases or peptic ulcers.
May cause photo-sensitivity.


Rue tea:

1-2 tsp  dried or powdered herb
Pour over cup of boiling water,infuse 5-10 min.
This should be drunk 3 times per day.

Rue Oil:

Take a 1 l jar & stuff with fresh rue leaves.
Cover the leaves with olive oil & store in a dark cool place for a week.
Topically, the oil may be rubbed lightly over the womb during pregnancy or menstruation for cramps & colic.


Take a 1 l jar & fill it with fresh rue leaves.
Pour over this sweet liquor such as blackberry brandy & let sit for 24 hours.
Digestive tonic to be taken by 1 tbsp before meals.


In the Middle ages & later, it was considered a powerful defense against witches & was used in many spells. 
Many people carry a pinch of rue in a cloth bag or place it above the front door to ward off the Evil Eye. 
Some folks make a tea of rue & sprinkle it around the home for protection or bathe in it to break spells. 
Rue is also said to aid in Love Matters. Burned with Lavender Flowers & Sandalwood it is thought to be a Lover's Incense & if placed in a man's left shoe, it is believed to hold him.
Add to healing incense, use for protection & to break hexes & curses.

As rue was thought of as the herb of repentance, the October 31 Celtic festival of Samhain included rue in the casting out of the old year & welcoming in the new.
It was also one of the funeral herbs used by the Druids – again, the theme of repentance & saying goodbye to the old & starting on a new path are all associated with this herb.
The Mayans cleanse a house of envy by using rue. Each household member must place a sprig of rue under the tongue & an infusion of rue, basil & marigold is sprinkled about the house to ensure the home will be light & peaceful.

Fill a jar with cactus spines, rusty nails, old tacks, pins & needles. Add rue & rosemary leaves to fill the jar, seal tightly & then bury under your doorstep as a powerful protective device.

It was said to be able to ward off even the devil himself.
Rue could protect against the evil eye & against the demons of disease.
It was used to clear the third eye & enhance inner vision.
It may protect against nightmares & may be used to safeguard astral journeys.
It can also be used for cleansing or consecrating a sacred space or ritual tools.

Worn around neck rue aids in recuperation from illnesses & also wards off future health problems.
Rue is added to healing incenses & poppets.

Fresh rue,sniffed,clears the head in love matters & also improves mental processes.
Rue added to bath breaks all hexes & curses that may have been cast against you & it is also added to exorcism incenses & mixtures.

It is protective when hung up at the door or placed in sachets & the fresh leaves rubbed on the floorboards send back any ill spells sent against you.

A spring of fresh rue is used as a sprinkler to distribute salt water throughout the house.This clears all negativity.

Mix fresh rue juice with morning dew & sprinkle in a circle around you while performing magical acts of protection if desired or needed.

The ancient Romans believed that eating rue could give them immunity against
the evil eye, while bathing one’s eyes with water in which rue had been steeped was supposedly effective in curing those who had already fallen victim to a jettatore’s evil glance.

If a man wishes to make a certain woman fall in love with him, an old Gypsy love spell instructs that he should secretly obtain one of her shoes, fill it with rue leaves & then hang it over the bed in which he sleeps.

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