It is rich in various antioxidants, particularly flavonoids & vitamin C.

The whole plant is astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, purgative, styptic & tonic.
It is very valuable in flushing out toxins of the kidneys & spleen.
When crushed & used as a poultice applied to the back of the neck, purple dead nettle can stop a nose-bleed.
Other purposes for poultices made from the herb are for sciatica, gout & various muscular & joint pains.
A decoction of the plant is particularly useful for checking any kind of hemorrhage, the fresh bruised leaves can be applied to external cuts & wounds.
The leaves may also be made into a tea & drunk to promote perspiration & discharge from the kidneys in the treatment of chills.
A tea made from the fresh plant is also an excellent laxative & tonic.
It is very effectual to heal green wounds & old ulcers.


Being high in its content of fiber & iron, red dead nettle is also beneficial to the diet in general & can be added as a green to salads, or in soups & stews.
The leaves & upper plants are cooked or added to salads.

Medicinal tea: Add 2 tbsp. fresh or dried herb to to 1 cup boiling water,
steep for 10 min.
Strain & drink in ½ cup doses, for laxative & general tonic.


Believed by some old wives to be a plague of the fields sent to punish the unrighteous.
It is a cheerful herb that makes the heart merry.

~ Archangel Guardian Sachet ~ by

A two sided sachet made of flannel, one side white the other red
Dead Nettle
Juniper Berries
St. Johns-wort
Small,pebble size Sodalite
green adventurine
1 natural pebble stone (doesn't matter what type, just make sure to gather it from outside, can even be one you have picked up in the street)
Feed the sachet with Amber Oil

Never under estimate the powers & energies of this potent spell herb for banishing, expelling & cleansing negative, stinging harmful energies from the surroundings & self.
Like its latter name "Archangel" this little seemingly benign herb is a warrior & conqueror of gracefully overtaking any nasty situations without the use of retaliation.
It's energies are calming & cooling of heated emotions, helps with clear thinking & decision making in chaotic times & circumstances.
It will boost & add to the energies of any herbs associated with & used for: confidence, courage, calmness, peace, strength, graceful persistence, clear thinking & emotional balance.

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