The roots boiled in wine as a remedy for kidney stones.


Bath or compress can be applied in varicose veins or ulcers.

As a diuretic it is used in urinary tract diseases. Anti-inflammatory & soothing effects are used in the field of gynaecology in various diseases, irregular menstruation & a white discharge.
Since the nettle has astringent effect, it proved in inflammatory or oozing wounds, abscesses, eczema, haemorrhoids, or furunculosis.
Can be added to the nerve tea blends together with St. John's, Valerian root, etc.
White dead nettle tea is also believed to be a blood-cleansing agent.
It is used  for dissolving phlegm during a cold, for cough, sore throat, or for stomach complaints, such as gas or upset stomach.
White dead nettle flower is used for treating mild inflammation of the upper airways,also for its calming effects as a sedative.
It has also been used for menopausal disorders.
Poultices of white dead nettle were applied to inflamed & swollen skin, bruises, varicose veins & for arthritic pain relief.

Its a women's herb to treat menstrual disorders & leucorrhoea & to drive away melancholy.
Poultice made from dead nettle is for treating the pain of sciatica & other bone & joint problems
The flower tea is now also recommended for men with prostatitis, for mucous conditions & to stimulate the liver & for spleen disorders.


Young, yet non-flowering plants are popular as spring salad, soup & spinach herbs.

Tea :

2 tsp of dried flowers, pour ¼ litre of boiling water, allow infusion for 15 minutes, strain & drink 2 cups a day. 
Pour boiling water over 1tsp of finely chopped white dead nettle, steep for 5 minutes, then strain.
To relieve respiratory ailments, drink 1 cup with honey several times per day.


5 tbsp of flowers, pour ½ litre of vodka & leave for 10 days in a closed bottle.
Occasionally mix vigorously.
Use 1 tsp in insomnia. 


For gargling: 2 tsp of dried flowers, cook in ¼ l of water & leave 15 minutes, gargle as needed. 

Infusion for cold compresses: 

30 g of dried flowers, pour 1 l of water, boil briefly &set aside for 10 minutes.
Use the lukewarm liquid to prepare compress for inflamed or oozing wounds.



20 - 25 whole dried plants, pour in 3 l of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes, strain & pour into the prepared bath.
Relax in bath for at least 15 minutes to act.

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