Catnip is in the mint family,it is an edible herb for humans as well as a fragrant herb for cats.

While catnip is stimulating to cats, it has the opposite effect on humans. Drinking this relaxing nervine before bed can help wind down after a busy day, promoting rest & sleep.

Taken after meals, catnip can relieve indigestion & flatulence, promoting better digestion.

Catnip is safe for young children & is often used for calming fevers, diarrhea & colic.

It is also helpful in treating stomach pains.

It is particularly well suited to those who feel tension in their digestive tract, where this causes griping & discomfort after eating.

The infusion or tincture of the herb can also be useful in cases of nervous headache & anxiety & to soothe panic attacks.

It is calming & acts as a nervous system relaxant, especially in cases of insomnia, agitation or hysteria.
It is a good remedy for children & has been used to ease the effects of hyperactivity & attention deficit syndrome.

Moms of breastfeeding babies can drink a tea of catnip to help their young ones sleep.

Apparently a conserve of catnip tops can be used to relieve nightmares.

Catnip is an excellent diaphoretic, opening the pores without overheating the system, which is very helpful for treating fevers.

It can also be used to soothe bronchitis & asthma due to the relaxing, softening properties of the plant & its ability to remove unnecessary respiratory phlegm.

A hot tea can be used to soothe sore throats, catarrh, flu, coughs & colds.
Use externally to improve the healing of minor injuries such as cuts, grazes, mild burns & scalds, piles & bites, as well as skin problems such as psoriasis.

A useful herb for women, catnip can relieve  spasmodic cramping during menstruation & soothe the tension that accompanies the build up to the menses. Use to regulate periods when the irregularity is caused by anxiety & tension.

Due to properties of this herb which promote mensturation, pregnant women are advised not to use it during pregnancy.
Take care not to get into too much of a routine of giving it to children daily as it can become rather narcotic after a while.



Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp catnip,infuse for 10 min., drink up to 3 cups a day.

Make a quick astringent from Catnip by pressing the crushed leaves into a minor cuts.


Catnip is a love herb & it is good to use a pinch in sachets or incense with other love herbs.
If it is grown near or around your home it attracts good luck.
Use Catnip in spells to bring about more beauty to your life or your personal appearance.
Some report a euphoric effect from smoking the leaves.
In the old days it was used in counter magic. If a witch had stolen a cow's milk, a little catmint & the proper spell could restore its flow.
Grown near the home or hung over or near the door, it welcomes good fortune & benevolent spirits. The plant also has an association with bees & can be rubbed on the hive to welcome a new swarm.
A folk charm also speaks of holding catnip in your hand until it grows warm, then storing the plant away safely before holding the hand of someone you would wish to make a good friend of.As long as you keep the catnip safely stored away, you will keep your friend.

Cats absolutely adore it & will flatten it without a second thought if they get a whiff of the leaves, rolling in it & eating the leaves. Apparently rats absolutely loathe the plant though & will not go anywhere near it even when starving!

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