Nigella sativa
Cumin seeds are an excellent source of iron, a very good source of manganese, calcium & magnesium. 

Several of the studies have shown that black cumin seed extract could assist individuals with autoimmune disorders & could possibly help to fight cancer
One recent study on black cumin seed oil demonstrated that it was effective against pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest & most difficult to treat cancers. 
One of black cumin’s most popular & effective uses is the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system, including asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism & cold symptoms. 
The seeds help increase body tone, stimulate menstrual period & increase the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers
Black cumin seed oil helps calm the nervous system, quells colic pain, stimulates urine production, helps treat pertussis & helps prevent & lower high blood pressure
The seeds are very effective in treating abscesses & tumors of the eye, abdomen & liver
Black seed has been traditionally & successfully used in the Middle & Far East countries for centuries to treat digestive disturbances, to support the body's immune system, to promote digestion
Its oil has been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema & boils.
Black seed support metabolism & lowers blood sugar levels.
It is used to dispel worms & parasites from intestinal track.
It is useful in increase of body tone,provides quick energy, increases sperm count, calms the nervous system, encourages hair growth & retards hair fall out, prevents skin wrinkling.
It is used for diarrhea as a fixing agent, as well as when there are difficulties associated with urination
Cumin oil is a good antidote for snake bites.
It has a beneficial effect on the lymph nodes, helping to reduce them. 
Other diseases that can be cured by this wonderful ingredient include dandruff buildup in the scalp,dyspepsia, epilepsy, eye strain, hair loss, sudden whitening of hair even at a young age, heart ailments, high blood pressure, constipation, acne, obesity, psoriasis, nauseating & many more.

In Algeria, the roasted seeds are combined with butter for cough & honey & taken for colic.
Externally the seeds can be ground to a powder, mixed with a little flour as a binder & applied directly to abscesses, on the forehead for headache, nasal ulcers, orchitis & rheumatism.
Even with leprosy it is recommended the imposition of a paste of black cumin mixed with vinegar.
A throat cancer is also can be cured with daily & constantly drinking of black seed oil with honey.
The use of ground black cumin seeds, mixed with honey, helps to dissolve gallstones & kidney stones.
Compress of cooked black cumin, superimposed on the head is good when you have colds & rheumatism.


Never use the drug for pregnant women & patients with transplanted organs of the body (liver, kidney, heart), as it increases immunity of the body, which may lead to the abdication.
Not every black seed is useful, there are poisonous varieties.

Avoid overdose, because you can irritate the stomach & intestines.


Black seeds can be crushed & taken as a tea, used in stir fries & salads, or taken with honey.

Black seed oil can be taken in capsules, or spread on bread.

The combination of cumin, black pepper & honey is considered to be an aphrodisiac in certain middle Eastern countries.

As the taste of cumin is a great complement to the hearty flavor of legumes such as lentils, garbanzo beans & black beans, add this spice when preparing a recipe with these foods.

Take plain brown rice & add cumin seeds, dried apricots & almonds.

Seasoning healthy sautéed vegetables with cumin.

As an energy tonic, take the oil in orange juice in the morning.
The oil can be mixed into any cold liquid or yogurt.

It can also be applied topically for arthritis, eczema, psoriasis & scalp ointment. The herb can be mixed with any hot or cold beverage or food.

It can be used as a spice in vegetable or meat recipes.

Making the Black Seed Oil:

1 cup of dry black cumin seeds.
2-3 cups olive oil
Grind the dry black seeds.
Cover with olive oil.
Leave to infuse for a week on sunny place.


1 tsp of ground black seeds
pour over 1 cup of boiling water.
Infuse for 5-10 min.
Strain the tea & add sugar,ginger,peppermint or honey as you like.

The seeds have a harsh taste & will burn the stomach if the seeds are not heated first.
Place the seeds on low heat & stir them every few minutes.
Taste the seeds to see when the flavor becomes very bland. After the tartness is removed, take the pan from the heat.
Grind what is needed in a coffee grinder.

Cancers & Tumors:

Take 1 tsp of the oil mixed with 1 tsp of honey 3 times a day.
This mixture should be taken 1 hour before breakfast, mid afternoon & before going to sleep at night.

Cystic Fibrosis:

Massage the chest with the black seed oil. Drink 1 tsp of the oil mixed with honey,3x a day.


Use the black seed oil mixed with honey twice a day.


Mix 1 tsp of the black seed oil with a cup of yogurt & drink twice a day.

Dry Cough:

1/2 teaspoon of the oil mixed with coffee twice a day. 
Rub the oil on your back & chest.


Take 1 tsp of the black seeds that have been heated & smash.
Add a few drops of olive oil to the black seeds & mix well.
Place 7 drops into a syringe & place in the ear morning & evening until well.

Eye Disease & Impaired Vision:

Rub the eyelids & the sides of the eye orbits half an hour before going to bed with black seed oil.

1/2 tsp of the black seed oil should also be drunk with a cup of carrot juice.

Mouth Infection Virus:

Place some black seeds in your mouth & leave for 10-15 minutes.

Muscular Dystrophy: 

Take 1 tsp of black seeds mixed with honey, 3 times a day.
Eat as many raisins as possible.
Eat bone marrow every day.

Stomach Pain:

Take one big spoon of black seeds mixed with honey.

Drink some peppermint tea, then drink the water of boiled rice if hungry.

Toothache & Gum infections:

Place some black seeds in a cup of vinegar & bring to boil.

When the vinegar has cooled to a warm touch, rinse the mouth with this mixture.


Heat 2 tsp of black seeds with 1/2 cup of vinegar.
With a brush, brush the mixture on the stomach & liver area.
Do this before you are about to sleep. Do not wipe this mixture off.
Before sleeping eat 7 dates to get rid of ascaris worms.

Asthma, cough, inflammation of the lungs:

Take 1 tsp in the morning & evening
Massage the chest & back with black seed oil
Inhale:1 tbsp to 1 l of water,boil on low heat
Inhale the smoke of the black seed oil, as well as one-fourth teaspoon you can keep under the tongue.


Eat 5 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach.
An hour later, drink a glass of brew of cinnamon by adding 5 drops of oil of black cumin.
Heat a small amount of black seed mixed with olive oil & rub the affected area intensely.
Just before bedtime drink boiled black seed mixed with honey.

High Blood Pressure:

Add 1 tsp of ground black cumin seeds in a hot drink & take it with 2 cloves of garlic every day before breakfast.
Mix the black seed with a hot drink (tea or other) & rub the body with black seed oil.


Steam 2 tsp of black cumin seeds & a half liter of water & strain.
Gargle twice a day.

Gallstones & Kidney Stones:

The use of ground black cumin seeds, mixed with honey, helps to dissolve gallstones & kidney stones.

Bone pain:

Boiled onions are mixed with cumin oil , take twice a day.
At the same time rub the painful places with the cumin oil & oil of mint.

Bloating spleen:

In broth of radishes, sweetened with honey, add seven drops of oil.
Drink one cup before bedtime on an empty stomach for a week.

Inflammation of the Spleen:

Drink 1 tsp of oil with the tea of dill for a week.
You can also use willow as in the case of inflammation of the liver.


Dilute black seed oil & olive oil in a 1:1 ratio,
take 1 tsp 3 times a day for 10 days.
Massage the affected area with black seed oil to prevent constipation.

Skin Growths:

Take 1 tsp of black seed oil & massage the affected part 3 times a day.

Nose drops for colds are prepared as follows: roasted, chopped black cumin is mixed with a little butter & you drip 3-4 drops in each nostril.

As a General tTonic 1 tsp of black seed oil, taken in food or drink twice a day,benefits many conditions same way as other oils rich in fatty acids, such as flax seed & walnut oils.

It believed to heal HIV & AIDS within 1 month, used 3 times a day, 1 tsp with honey in a glass of milk or tea.


As oil for dandruff.

It is also recommended to put the black seed on the appearing moles, it helps to prevent their development & helps to cleanse the skin.

Hair Loss & Premature Graying:

Wash your hair & then apply liberal amounts of olive oil & black seed oil mixed together.

Wait one hour & rinse.


Evil Eye Removal Spell:

Wrap an odd number of black cumin seeds in paper or place them in a paper bag.
Pass this packet around the victim of the evil eye 3 times.
Burn the paper bag in the fire.
When you hear the seeds snap, crackle & pop you will know the evil eye has cracked up also.
If no sounds are heard further action needs to be taken, by repeating the process.


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