Yew is toxic.

All parts of the tree are highly poisonous except the fleshy covering of the berry.
Yew toxicity  is so powerful that it was once thought that to sleep beneath a yew was certain to lead to death.

In smaller doses, yew has been used as a minor folk medicine for induction of menstruation & the treatment of arthritis, kidney disease, scurvy, tuberculosis,cardiac stimulant,abortifacient..

The yew plant has been used to treat rheumatism, liver & urinary tract conditions & ovarian-,skin-,breast- & colon cancer.
Yew is all anti- cancer,stops cell mutation.

Berries are diuretic & laxative.
Jelly made from yew berries can be given for chronic bronchitis.

Yew is also used for treating diphtheria,tapeworms,fever,tonsillitis,epilepsy.

The Japanese use Yew leaves for diabetes.

Sitting with yew tree heals.


The ingestion of the plant results in dizziness, dry mouth, mydriasis & abdominal cramping,rash & pale, cyanotic skin may develop.

Yew can cause severe stomach problems & can cause the heart rate to slow down or speed up dangerously.
Signs of poisoning might include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, nervousness, heart problems & many others.
Eventually, ingestion may result in death.

Death has occurred after taking 50-100 grams of yew needles.


Jelly & a syrup may be prepared from berries,without seeds!, which can be used used for cough, chronic bronchitis & to relieve the pain in calculus nephritis.


Yew tree is an ultimate portal.Underworld.Gardians of the graveyard.

Used as a protection for a dead on their journey to the otherworld,protects from evil spirits.
Plant a yew on the outer boundary of your property to protect from evil spirits.

Tree of Life,immortality, renewal, regeneration, rebirth, everlasting life, transformation, protection against evil, connecting with ancestors, shamanism, dreaming, heightening psychic abilities & olde magick.Wisdom.

Some Norse Pagans believed that precisely because yew stood between two worlds, it could trap unwary souls inside itself.
Burning yew as an incense is still a traditional means for raising the dead & thus in a sense, entrapping them.

Druids chose yew from which to make their wands & staffs.
Being so long lived & yet so toxic,it was seen as having powerful magical properties,a tree associated not just with death but also longevity & rebirth.
The wood or leaves were laid on graves as a reminder to the departed spirit that death was only a pause in life before rebirth.

The Yew may be used to enhance magical & psychic abilities & to induce visions.
Yew is used in spells to raise the spirits of the dead.
Yew leaves were once burned as divinatory incense but only when outside.
Burn Yew to contact spirits of the deceased.
Carve Ogham characters onto sticks of Yew for divination use.
Wands of yew wood banish malevolent forces & spiritually purify the area.

Carry a bought for protection on long journeys,also worn protects astral travelers.

Cutting or burning yew was said to bring bad luck.

A spring of yew can be used by dowsers to find lost objects.
The spring is held out in front of the seeker & is seen to jump when the object is located.

Yew is one of the nine sacred woods used in the ritual fire.
The fire is started with oak branches,rubbed or rotated against each other & then the nine sacred woods are added,after been gather ritually.

Yew is especially suited for spells of transformation & transfiguration,illusion,astral travel,mediumism,necromancy,conjuration of helpful spirits,guides & ancestors.

In hot weather it gives off resinous vapor which shamans inhaled to gain visions.

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