Cirsium vulgare
An herbal steam can be made from an infusion of the entire plant & used to treat rheumatic joints.
Hot infusion of roots or twigs can be used as a steam treatment for muscular swellings stiff joints.

A decoction of the entire plant can be used internally & externally to treat bleeding piles.

Infusion of leaves can be taken as analgesic for neuralgia.

Warm infusion of roots can be taken to help a person who overeats.

Plant can be used for cancer treatment.

Decoction of plant can be taken to induce vomiting.

Finely shredded & used in a poultice, common thistle cures suppurating wounds.
When boiled whole (1 leaf in 250 ml water), the leaves act as a diuretic & gently drain the liver & soothe fevers caused by an overtaxed liver.
The roots lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
The roots of bull thistle have been used as a poultice & a decoction of the plant used as a poultice on sore jaws.

Common thistle decoction can be also used as a miracle lotion against baldness.

In addition, an infusion prepared with the leaves & roots of common thistle is believed to heal stiff neck,seizures as well as nervous disorders.


The leaves, flower stems, flowers, flower buds, seeds & roots of common thistle can be used for culinary purposes. 
Tender leaves of the plant are soaked overnight in saline water & cooked for consumption. 

The roots of common thistle are cooked & they have a flavour similar to artichoke. 
The root is best to cook it mixing it with other vegetables. 

Common thistle is used to prepare a nutritious bittersweet soup. 
The seeds have occasionally been eaten roasted.

The midrib of the leaf is edible after the rest has been carefully stripped off. The midribs are similar in texture to celery & taste a somewhat sweet. These can be eaten raw or cooked.

The taproot of the bull thistle is also edible. These are firm, crisp & light in color. They can be eaten raw or as a cooked vegetable.

Herbal Tea :

1 tsp in 250 ml water - 3 x a day for 10 days before meals constitutes a seasonal cleansing.

Antiviral Decoction:

1 common thistle flower head picked at the start of flowering
3 cups water
Boil the flower head for 3 minutes. 
Infuse for 15 minutes.
Drink during the day before meals for 10 - 30 consecutive days in the case of a viral infection to nourish & stimulate the immune system.


Stuff hex-breaking poppets with thistles.

Thistles grown in the garden ward off thieves.

Wear or carry thistles to drive out melancholy.

Carry a thistle for energy & strength.

Thrown into a fire, thistles deflect lightning away from the house.

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