Ajuga reptans
The whole plant is aromatic, astringent & bitter.

Bugle can stop internal bleeding in the lungs as well as to stanch other kinds of internal hemorrhaging in other parts of the body.
Bugle is recommended for treating problems such as persistent coughs, in treating ulcers, in the treatment of rheumatism & to treat all kinds of liver disorders
Bugle has also been used to prevent hallucinations following the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol
It can be used for cough & throat irritation & as a gentle laxative, boiled into a syrup.

Bugle is possessing mildly narcotic & sedative effects & its use is believed to possibly have a lowering effect on the heart rate similar to the action of the digitalis plant.
Ajuga reptans has been used for biliousness & also for reducing blood pressure
Bugle aids in maintaining a healthy rate of heartbeat by easing palpitations

Because of its diuretic properties, bugle weed is useful in removing excess fluid from the body & thus improving circulation

A decoction of leaves & flowers made in wine, helps congeal blood from bruises
Helps heal wounds, treats soresulcersgangrenemouth sores, bleeding gums, helps heal broken bonesinsomnia (use the syrup of this herb for insomnia, 2 tbsp. upon retiring). 
Externally it can be used for bruising & all kinds of external sores.
It is widely used in the treatment of mouth ulcers.
The bruised leaves may be applied as a poultice for cuts & wounds or bruises.

Bugle weed is considered useful even for healing tuberculosis.
This plant is one of the mildest & best natural narcotics & can be prescribed in all cases. 
It is a digestive, having a sedative influence on upset stomach

Bugle weed is useful in weaning babies as it helps to suppress the production of breast milk.
Can help women who are suffering from intense premenstrual disorders
This herb is known to ease the anxiety, tension & stress experienced during this stage by improving the flow of blood
It is also effective in reducing the pain experienced in the breasts during pre-menstrual stage
The infusion as well as tincture of Bugle is known to give women a hassle-free period by regulating menstruation & easing cramps.

It is also known to be effective in curing Graves’ disease, a condition where you heartbeat spirals up in an uncontrollable fashion, leaving your short of breath & shaky.
It has been shown to inhibit the body's metabolism of iodine & is helpful for this reason in treating hyperthyroidism.
The remedies made from the bugle are specifically used for treating over-active thyroid glands & the symptoms such a disorder induces in the body, particularly if these physical symptoms include problems such as tightness of the chest when breathing, cardiac palpitation & shaking or quivering muscles. 
Whenever cardiac palpitations are of nervous origin, it is quite safe to use the bugle as an herbal relaxant
The weakened heart will be aided by the bugle if there is an associated accumulation of water inside the body of the patient. 
The bugle is also used as a major herbal sedative in cases of cough, it helps to relieve & ease irritating coughs, particularly when such persistent coughs come about due to nervous disorders.


This herb is a narcotic. Take at short intervals only.
In addition, plants in the mint family, which includes bugle weed, are high in methyl salicylate. This compound causes allergies in some people.
Because of bugle weed's influence on thyroid function & its ability to reduce secretions (including breast milk), it should be used only for short periods.
When this herb is used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, its sudden stoppage can result in an increase in the symptoms. 
Bugle weed preparations may interfere with the use of radioactive isotopes used in some diagnostic procedures.


Bugle is best used in the form of tincture or tea.

Bugle Infusion: 

Pour a cup of boiling water on 1 tsp of the dried herb & allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes, drain & cool. 
The infusion can be drunk 3 x every day for relieving a wide variety of symptoms caused by nervous disorders.


Use the extract of this plant to improve complexion. 


Plant of love & protection.

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