Allium vineale
Allium Vineale or Crow Garlic has many health benefits similar to the common garlic.
Crow Garlic consists of essential B vitamin & folic acid.
It also acts as a prebiotic which encourages the growth of friendly bacteria.
Crow Garlic helps in treating a weakened immune system & diabetes.
It also helps in treating cardiovascular diseases.
The whole plant is antiasthmatic, blood purifier, carminative, cathartic, diuretic, expectorant, hypotensive, stimulant & vasodilator.
A tincture is used to prevent worms & colic in children & also as a remedy for croup.

The raw root can be eaten to reduce blood pressure & also to ease shortness of breath.
Crow Garlic contains sulphur compounds (which gives onion flavour) & when added to the diet on a regular basis they help reduce blood cholesterol levels, act as a tonic to the digestive system & also tonify the circulatory system.

Garlic was believed to cure the bite of any venomous snake or reptile.

Used against spasmodic affections of the chest, asthma, irritable spines, indolent scrofulous tumours, gout, red & irritated skin, plagues, tubercular consumption, erosive skin disease, lupus, abscesses, sores, rheumatism, nervous headache leprosy.


There have been cases of poisoning caused by the consumption, in large quantities.
Dogs seem to be particularly susceptible.


Both the leaves & the bulb are edible. 
The bulb can be eaten either raw or cooked & have a tough outer layer that needs to be removed & have a very strong garlic flavor.
The leaves can also be eaten either raw or cooked & have a pleasant mild to strong garlic flavor & are best used sparingly during early spring, snipped into a salad.

Wild Garlic Focaccia: It is a bread dish where wild garlic is used as a topping with olive oil, parmesan cheese & salt.


It is an old country notion that if crows eat Crow Garlic, it stupefies them.

Used to drive away venomous creatures.

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