Use in sachets to ease the pain of childbirth.
Sniffing the fresh flowers of  the hyacinth relieves grief & depression.


Poisonous, the sap can cause dermatitis. 
The toxins are concentrated in the bulb.


Hyacinth is a herb of constancy of love, fertility,rebirth & protection.
Attracts love, luck & brings peace of mind.

The scent of the fresh flowers is said to relieve grief & jealousy

Inhale the aroma of fresh flowers to relieve depression.

Hyacinth restores self-esteem & helps to rebuild trust after betrayal.

Promotes dependability & constancy in people.

Hyacinth can be used to guard against nightmares when used as an oil or burned as incense. 
For the prevention of nightmares, grow a hyacinth plant in a pot & keep it as close to your bed as possible.
When dried & burned as incense prior to bedtime, the fragrant flowers of the hyacinth are said to help induce pleasant dreams.
Should you awaken from a depressing dream or nightmare,the smell of a hyacinth in bloom will help to lift your spirits.

The dried flowers can be used in love mixtures.

The smoke of hyacinth incense can assist in crossing the aetheric planes smoothly.
Burn for love, protection & happiness.

Hyacinth helps exorcise negative energy & replace it with positive ones. 

Hyacinth can be used as a protective charm in negative influences.
You can also anoint a candle for protection with this herb & oil.

Hyacinth is excellent for remembering past life events that affect one's mental health in this lifetime, especially depressive states. 
It also helps us to recall birth memories & can connect an expectant mother with her unborn child's soul. 

Hyacinth balances temporarily the electrical & magnetic properties of the body.

Hyacinth awakens a strong sense of inner beauty & can open us to understanding many of the ancient rituals of burial & the esoteric mysteries within them. 
It restores the belief that all is possible.

Love Spell:

Plant the bulb in a new flower pot naming it your loved one as you do.
Tape a picture of the desired one or write the person's name on a small piece of paper to the bottom of the pot.
Each time you need to water the plant, chant :

As this root grows
& this blossom blows,
may (name loved one) heart be turned to me.
As (His/Her) Will, So Mote It Be!

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