Medicago Lupulina
Black Medick has antibacterial properties against mycobacteria,also considered a soothing herb.

Leaves contain high amounts of calcium & potassium.

Tea can be used to clear heat & induce diuresisrelieve coughrelax the tendons & bones.
Also for asthma with cough, rheumatic arthritishaemorroidsbleedingischialgiaicteric hepatitis.

When scratched or mildly cut in the garden, crush Black Medic leaves in your fingertips & rub generously on the abrasion.
It will help keep the wound clean until you can wash it better, later. An infection prevention.


Flowers, leaves & seeds are edible. 
Flowers can be put into teas. 
Seeds can be collected & eaten as is or roasted. 
They can be ground into flour as well. 
Leaves can be tossed into salads.

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