It is used in the treatment of sores, wounds & skin diseases.
The root is astringent, diaphoretic & febrifuge.
Root of the herb is known to provide anti - inflammatory, antiseptic & aromatic treatment.
The root is ingested to treat intestinal disorders, diarrhea, stomach upsets, liver disorders & irritable bowel syndrome.
Also treating headache.
Wood avens is used to treat problems affecting the mouth, throat & gastro-intestinal tract. It tightens up soft gums, heals mouth ulcers, makes a good gargle for infections of the pharynx & larynx & reduces irritation of the stomach & gut.
Also, during ancient times the root is placed among linen to prevent moths & provide a pleasant odor.

A decoction has been used in the treatment of diarrhoea, fevers, children's coughs, sore teeth & sore throats.
The root extract is applied externally as a wash to treat vaginal discharges, skin afflictions like freckles, spots & eruptions from the face & hemorrhoids.


Wood Avens is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
An overdose of the Wood Avens can trigger moments of nausea.
Also, the herb is not recommended for consumption between meals, sometimes may produce gastro-intestinal irritations.


Wood Avens tea:

Use 1 tsp dried or  fresh herb with 1 cup boiling water.
1 cup per day.

Wood avens powder:

Roots smell & taste like cloves with hint of cinnamon...
The root is best harvested in the spring, since at this time it is most fragrant. Much of the fragrance can be lost on drying, so the root should be dried with great care then stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container, being sliced & powdered only when required for use.
1/2 tsp of powder administrated 3 x a day for 2 weeks is the ideal treatment against pharyngitis, amygdalitis & bronchitis.
In cases of intestinal infections & diarrhea, the dosage is increased to 4 tsp of powdered root a day.
Against weak states & anemia produced by bleedings, an initial dose of 2-3 tsp of powder is administrated, after which the treatment is continued with 1 tsp of powder 4 times a day for 5 straight days.

Wood avens infusion:

The infusion or decoction is made from 15 g of the powdered root or herb to 500 ml of boiling water, strained & taken cold.
The infusion is the most grateful, but the decoction may be made much stronger by boiling it down to half.
It can treat stomatitis & gingivitis if gargling is done 3 x a day for a 1-2 weeks.
It is efficient also for depressive, melancholic states & fatigue by being administered a cup of this mixture twice a day for 6 weeks. After a pause of 2 weeks the treatment can be resumed.

Wood avens tincture:

The simple tincture is made by pouring 500 ml of proof spirit on 30 g of the bruised root & macerating it for 14 days & then filtering through paper.
2-3 tsp of this tincture mixed with some tea or water etc.
Owing to its anesthetic proprieties, a wad moistened in tincture & used as a poultice can alleviate toothaches.
This tincture can also be used for massages to eliminate muscular strains.


In addition to enjoying a reputed power against the plague, wood avens was said to fend off evil spirits & venomous beasts.
It was thought to protect the home & was at one time worn as an amulet against Satan.

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