Self-heal is used for inflammatory bowel disease , diarrhea, colic & stomach upset & irritation.
It is also used for mouth & throat ulcers, sore throat & internal bleeding.

Self-heal can be used for HIV/AIDS, headache, dizziness, liver disease & spasm.
It is also used to kill germs as an antiseptic, loosen phlegm & tighten & dry skin.

Self-heal is applied directly to the skin for vaginal discharges & other disorders of women’s reproductive systems, as well as for wounds & bruises.

The flower heads & the lower leaves are ingested to treat fevers & rheumatism.
Taken as a tea, it helps liver function, which results in clear, bright eyes.
Helps heal swollen lymph glands or lumps in the neck & acts to boost immunity.
Self-heal helps women who have distress during menstruation, bloating or indigestion, urinary problems, or heavy bleeding during menstruation causing anemia.
Self-heal has broad antimicrobial powers & kills many pathogenic fungi,it may even help fight the herpes virus.
Chinese researchers found that it was effective against hypertension.

In folk medicine, a poultice of the fresh leaves was utilized for healing wounds.

The cold infusion of the herb can be used to soothe hot flushes.
It can be applied as a salve to speed the healing of injuries & taken internally to improve healing from surgery & to speed the healing of internal injuries.
Fantastic herb for treating feverish colds & the dreaded influenza, especially where the illness has led to raised glands.
It can be used to return thyroid function to normal as it is an amphoteric thyroid herb.
Self-heal can be used to stimulate the immune system & soothe inflammatory responses that cause illness & pain.
The herb can also be used for the digestive system, to relieve  hepatitis, jaundice & simple diarrhoea.
It can also be used to improve the body's ability to cope with diabetes by having an action on the pancreas.
In China, the herb is used as an anti cancer treatment as it has some anti mutagenic properties.
Research has focused on self-heal’s antioxidant activity. Antioxidants slowing aging & preventing cancer.
Self-heal have one of the strongest antioxidant potentials among the more than 50 mints studied.


Typically, a tea is made from 1 tsp of dried herb per cup of boiling water; let steep for 10 minutes.


Apparently Self Heal used to be gathered by the druids in much the same way as Vervain. 
It was to be picked at night during the dark phase of the moon, preferably when the Dog Star was rising & dug up with the druid's sickle before being held up in the left hand.
After this, thanks should be said & the plant separated for drying into flowers, leaves & stems.
Some consider that the Druids used this herb, which they gathered at the New Moon when the Dog Star was rising (about when it would be blooming) to treat magical illnesses, such as being fairy struck.

It is associated with the rune Ingwuz & the tarot card Judgment.

Some like to include it in purifying floor washes.

It has been a part of hunter's magic; the Ojibwa made the root into a drink consumed to sharpen the eyes before hunting.

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