Lobelia erinus
Lobelia has a long history of use as a herbal remedy for respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia & coughs.
Lobelia is sometimes suggested by alternative practitioners to help clear mucus from the respiratory tract. Lobelia is a relaxant & nerve depressant, which can ease tension & anxiety.
Lobelia is a powerful relaxing agent as well as being beneficial for allergies, colds & headaches.
Lobelia was also considered a useful pain reliever & in higher amounts was used to induce vomiting in people who had been poisoned.
Lobelia is used as a sedative, which depresses spinal chord function excessively.
Lobeline is an active respiratory stimulant, which relieves the bronchial spasms.
Lobelia has also been used to help with nicotine addiction.
Reduces palpitations of the heart.
Strengthens muscle action.
Fine treatment for fevers, pneumonia,meningitis, pleurisy, hepatitis & peritonitis.

Native Americans smoked the leaves as a cure for asthma.Lobelia can be made into a poultice for bruises, erysipelas, felons, insect bites, ringworm, sprains & poison ivy irritation.
A homemade cough syrup can be created by combining tea made from lobelia & other cough suppressing herbs, such as mullein & wild cherry bark, with honey. Lobelia is almost never used alone as a treatment for any condition, due to its strength & must be combined with other herbs.


Lobelia is very similar to nicotine & should not be used internally by children, pregnant women, or sufferers of heart disease.
It should not be taken by anyone in large amounts or for long periods of time. Taking more than 50 mg per day can lead to suppressed breathing, decreased blood pressure, or even coma.
Lobelia is considered a potentially toxic herb. Special care is advised when using lobelia.
Signs of lobelia poisoning may include weakness, heartburn, weak pulse, difficulty breathing & collapse.
People with high blood pressure, heart disease, tobacco sensitivity, paralysis & seizure disorder should not take lobelia.
Lobelia is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Said to symbolize malevolence & ill will within the Victorian era.
Where red roses express love, Lobelia expresses hate or malevolence.
It is never recommended that you practice spell magic for malevolent purposes, but if you do, prepare for unpredictable results with Lobelia.

For those interested in fairy magic, Lobelia is a must-have addition to the fairly garden.
Like most of the poisons, this expresses "hate" while other hexing herbs express "anger, contempt or

Results with herbs like this one are always nasty, but never predictable.

Other uses for Lobelia include storm magic , love magic & combined with other herbs for purification & divination rituals.

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