When lymph nodes swell & become congested to the point of being hard & painful to the touch figwort disperses & clears the swellings.
Figwort is an overall cleansing herb that stimulates the purging of toxins from the body.
It is always a useful herb to include in congestive skin troubles, such as some forms of acne, psoriasis & eczema.
Can be useful for the dispersal of tumours & the cleansing & healing of ulcers, wounds, burns & haemorrhoids.
It stimulates the liver & strengthens kidneys & bladder, thus supporting the eliminative processes.
You can prepare both, a tea for inner cleansing & washing of external wounds, as well as an ointment for external use on haemorrhoids.

Its purgative & diuretic actions enhance the cleansing effect.
It may also be used as a mild laxative in constipation.


Do not use if you have an abnormal heartbeat or heart condition.
Do not use if you are pregnant.


Toss this herb to smoke on the Midsummer Fire & your home will be
protected throughout the year.
Figwort is a protective herb. It was said to ward off witches & to protect against the evil eye.
The root is used as an amulet to protect or heal skin disease & problems of the neck & throat, especially scrofula.
It was also hung around the necks of cows to protect them from the same evil.
Hang Figwort around your neck to remain healthy.

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