Lychee is an excellent source of vitamin C,copper, zinc & vitamin D,iron & folic acid.
It is a very good source of  B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, niacin & folates.
The vitamin B & vitamin C content found in lychees improve brain functioning.
The folic acid present in lychees reduces birth defects & thereby aids healthy pregnancy.
Iron & folic acid that stimulate blood production to treat anemia.
Vitamin B in berries improves liver functioning & enhances liver health.

Its high dietary fiber content may assist in stimulating the gastric & digestive enzymes, nutrient absorption & smooth bowel movement.

Traditionally, lychee has been used in many cultures for the treatment of health conditions ranging from obesity & diabetes to cough, flatulence, hernia & neuralgic pain.

Lychees are very helpful in case of infections like common cold, smallpox,gland enlargement.
Lychee provides relief from coughs, cells growth & stomach pain, lubricates the throat & lungs.
It helps to treat tumors, gastralgia & gland enlargements, inflammation, metrorrhagia.
Lychee is used to provide relief from neuralgic pains,mild diarrhea, gastralgia, stomach ulcers, high acidity, upset stomach, dyspepsia, bilious conditions,nausea, worms & parasitic infestation.
Lychees also promote a healthy nervous system which is essential for preventing brain disorders,tumors, neuralgia.


The decoction made from the root, flowers & bark are used as a gargle in order to eradicate the throat ailments.
The flowers are used to promote bleeding, cure sore throats.
Extracts of the roots, bark & flowers are traditionally used to cure sore throats.
Herbal tea made by boiling the peel or bark can boost the immune system to fight off infections such as the common cold & throat ailments.
The Chinese also include the peel, tree bark, roots or flowers in their herbal formulation to treats skin eruptions due to smallpox.
Traditionally in China it is used to treat gland enlargement & tumors, irregular non-menstrual bleeding from the uterus.


A tea made from powdered lychee seeds can be used to relieve pain, including neuralgic pain.
The Chinese uses it to treat inflammations of the genitals,also apply the ground seeds to various body parts to reduce swelling & pain.
The seed is astringent & is used in Indian medicines for intestinal troubles & to rid the body of intestinal worms.
Lychee seeds have powerful anti-viral activity, including against coxsackie virus & herpes simplex virus.
Seeds are used as sedative in an orchitis & neuralgic disorders.
The powdered seeds can be used for intestinal problems.
The core of lychee helps dispel pathogenic cold, regulate energy, remove energy stagnation & relieve pain.
It is used for hernia pain, menstrual pain, stomachache & postpartum abdominal pain.


The lychee fruit is highly regarded for its astringent, pain-relieving, stomach tonic & fortifying properties.
Tea made from the outer layer of the fruit can cure skin rashes.
The fruit possesses a number of functional properties, including anti-cancer, anti-viral, pain-relieving, diuretic.
Lychees are an excellent natural remedy for improving your bone health,to boost immunity.
A tea made from fruit peel helps to cure eruptions of smallpox & diarrhea.

The lychee’s flesh is a “warm” herb in TCM that helps nourish blood, promote body fluid, benefit the spleen & halt bleeding.
It is used for health problems like a weak digestive system, bad appetite, poor memory, sleeplessness & weakness from insufficient energy & blood.
Lychee flesh is considered a good antacid. It is used to treat high acidity, nausea & dyspepsia.


Lychee is likely safe when consumed by nonallergic persons in amounts normally found in food.

The maximum portion for adults is 300 g per day, while childreVn & the old should eat less.

It might induce allergic reactions in some people. Over consumption may lead to gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea & abdominal pain.

TCM doctors believe that because of the "warm" character of lychee when taken in excess will aggravate ulcers, acne & other skin problems,nosebleed & fever.

The tea might make the immune system more active resulting in an increase in the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

Lychee may lower blood sugar levels.
Caution is advised in patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia & in those taking drugs, herbs or supplements that affect blood sugar.

Lychee may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with drugs like aspirin, anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as warfarin (Coumadin®) or heparin, antiplatelet drugs such as clopidogrel (Plavix®) & nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil®) or naproxen (Naprosyn®, Aleve®).

Lychee may also interact with anticancer agents, anti-inflammatory agents, antivirals, cardiovascular agents, cholesterol- or lipid-lowering agents, immune modulating agents, or pain relievers that increase the risk of bleeding.

Lychee may cause swelling of the lips or tongue, swelling under the skin, itching, hives, shortness of breath, restlessness, flush, inspiratory stridor (harsh sound made when breathing in), anaphylaxis, or bronchospasm in allergic individuals.

Avoid with known allergy or hypersensitivity to Litchi chinensis, any of its constituents, or members of the Sapindaceae family.


Lychee can be made into jellies, sorbet, jams, sauces & syrups.
Lychee juice can be a refreshing drink during summer season.
The slices of Lychee are added to fruit dressings & salads.
The dried Lychee is added to the recipes, desserts & ice cream.
Lychee also mixes well with juices such as banana, strawberry, mango, papaya & coconut water.

Lychee & jujubes soup:

Boil 30 g dried lychee & 30 g jujubes.
Eat once a day.
Helps nourish blood & relieve anemia, uterine bleeding & heart throbs.

Lychee wine:

Cook 5 lychee fruits with 50 ml white wine for 10 minutes.
Divide it into 3 portions & eat all within a day.
Improves the digestive system & relieves stomachache & repeated hiccups related with pathogenic cold inside.

Digestion Aid:

Eat 3 - 4 lychees after having your breakfast or lunch.
Do this daily for a better digestive health.

Lychee & Strawberry Salad:

½ cup Lychees ,peeled & unseeded
½ cup Strawberries
2 - 3 tbsp sugar
Toss together lychees & strawberries.
Sprinkle sugar over it.
Mix it well & keep it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes.
Eat this fruit salad to keep your weight in check.

Lychee & Coconut Drink:

4 - 6 tbsp Lychee juice
½ cup fresh Coconut milk
1 tsp of fresh lime juice
¼ cup Water
2 tbsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt
Add sugar & salt in a water & bring to a boil.
Lower the heat & simmer for around 2 minutes.
Remove the mixture from the heat & allow it to cool.
Now put the mixture in the small bowl & refrigerate it for around 1 hour till it is properly chilled.
Take lychee juice,lime juice, chilled sugar syrup & add it to coconut milk.
Put this mixture in a refrigerator for around 2 hours.
Drink once or twice a week to boost your immune system.


Lychees for Hair Growth:

Mix 3 tbsp of lychee juice & 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel in a small bowl.
Massage your scalp with this mixture.
Allow it to stay for an hour & then rinse it off using a mild shampoo.
Repeat this remedy twice a week to stimulate hair growth & make your hair strong & healthy.

Who are suffering from acne & spots, it is required that you have to consume Lychees as much as possible. Lychee’s helps to nourish your skin of oils which can help reduce the growth of acne.This fruit refines your skin which leads to less spots on your face.

Lychee Mask for Aging Skin:

4 - 5 Lychees ,peeled & deseeded
½ ripe Banana
3 - 4 Almonds, soaked in water overnight
Mash lychees & banana.
Take almonds & blend them to make a paste.
Mix this almond paste with mashed lychees & banana.
Apply the mask on your face & keep it on for around 15 minutes.
Wash using lukewarm water.
Use this face mask once a week to prevent aging signs,blemishes, acne, sunburns etc.

Lychee Mask for Blemishes:

Create a paste by mashing 4 - 5 lychees.
Take a cotton ball, soak it in the paste & apply it on the affected areas of your face.
Let it stay for around 15 minutes & then wipe off using a wash cloth.
Follow this procedure 2 - 3 times a week to reduce blemishes.


Traditionally, the Chinese have considered the lychee fruit a symbol of love & romance.
Giving lychee was often considered a proposal of marriage.

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