The pollen from the flowers has been used to stop the toothaches & to prevent tooth decay.
Also to treat headaches,dysentery,measles,fever,jaundice,cholera,diabetes,urinary tract infections & skin diseases.

It has been used to treat rheumatism, arthritis & gout.  

Fragrance of these flowers work as an aphrodisiac.


Most forms of Crocus are extremely toxic,all parts,especially bulbs.

Crocus poisoning is similar to arsenic poisoning, symptoms appear 2-5 hours after ingestion include burning in the mouth & throat, diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting & kidney failure followed by death from respiratory failure.

One edible Crocus species world famous as regards human consumption is Saffron Crocus, Crocus sativus. This plant is poisonous if too much is ingested.


Crocus symbolizes love,happiness,hope,visions,blessings,new beginnings,youthfulness.

Growing crocus plants around  your home will attract love.
Keep a pot of crocus by your front door & they will bring hope & happiness to your house.

Burn crocus & you may see the vision of a thief who has robbed you.

Crocus is a good flower to use in spells for love, friendship, settling disputes, peace, divination & new beginnings, which is why it is most commonly associated with Imbolc & Ostara.
Spring crocus is a traditional decoration for Imbolc & Ostara. 

Crocus strengthens our active engagement with the world after particularly paralyzing loss. It helps us to peacefully release, effectively move forward, fearlessly embrace the new & close the channels that connected us to past grief. 

Crocus is aligned with the heart chakra.

Excellent magical cure for nightmares.

It was also a belief during the old times in India that if the petals of the crocus were laid on the matrimonial bed after the wedding ceremony, it’s going to provide the couple with a good & solid loving relationship. 

Crocus is number seven in numerology. This represents knowledge & awareness as well as understanding.

The yellow crocus is the flower of St Valentine. By Christian times wearing a crocus on Valentine’s Day had become a romantic gesture. 

Try this spell if you are not yet settled in love or are having relationship problems:

Take a yellow crocus on Valentine’s Day as soon as you go outdoors.

Before you go outdoors for the first time on St Valentine’s Day, fasten the yellow crocus in your buttonhole or in your hair, as you do so, saying three times:

St Valentine, the lover’s friend,
I ask this flower my love to send.

Before the end of the day, it is said you will have met or heard from someone who could make you happy or a person through whom you will meet new love.
The spell opens up your own love energies & sets up telepathic signals to bring you lasting happiness. It can also renew love of you have quarreled or even bring back an old lover.

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