Lousewort is an antioxidant,mild sedative & muscle relaxant,useful in treating physical overexertion.

Its been used for stomache ulcers,rheumatism & urinary problems.
Helps to get rid of worms & aid in childbirth
As a tea or mixed with wine many have used it to ease headaches & toothaches
Ojibwa Indians used it as aphrodisiac.
A tea is used in the treatment of stomach achesulcersdiarrhoeaanaemia & heart troubles.
A cure for bad fluids in the body, for scaly skin & scab & for toothache.

The roots are blood tonic, cardiac & stomachic.
A poultice of the root is applied to swellings, sore muscles & tumours.
The finely grated roots were secretly added to food as an alleged aphrodisiac.

An infusion of the leaves has been used to procure an abortion
An infusion of the fresh or dried leaves has been used to treat a sore throat.


Avoid in individuals with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to Pedicularis species or their constituents.Pedicularis is in the same family as snapdragons (Scrophulariaceae).

Pedicularis species may have iron chelating activities. 
Avoid with hematological disorders, such as anemia.


Lousewort can help seduce the member of opposite sex.
It would heal broken marriages if both spouses eat food with lousewort sprinkled in.

The name 'lousewort' - so called because it was thought that sheep who grazed on it suffered from lice.

It is said to shield against visions & dreams & wounded hearts.

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