The oil, or lozenges & cough drops made from eucalyptus mature leaves are useful for lung diseases, gout, syphilis, gonorrhea, typhoid, varicose ulcers, croup, diphtheria, malaria, neuralgia, piles & sore throat.
Eucalyptus is used in the treatment of respiratory infections, sinus infections, coughs, laryngitis, bronchitis, fevers, burns, cold sores, gout, abscesses, ringworm & fungus infections.

Eucalyptus leaf tea is extremely useful for removing phlegm & mucus from the lungs.
It helps loosen congestion & soothes the whole respiratory system.
A cold extract made from the leaves is helpful for indigestion & for intermittent fever.
The oil is commonly used in steam inhalation for colds & flu, a few whiffs is often all it takes to clear a stuffy nose & a foggy head.
Used as a chest rub, as an ointment, it relieves congestion of the lungs.The steam inhaled for the same purpose.
Eucalyptus is an antiseptic stimulant that can kill the influenza virus.

It can be used as a vapor bath & inhaled for asthma & other respiratory ailments & is an antiseptic bath addition.

Externally, the antiseptic & deodorant qualities of the oil make it suitable for use on purulent (pus filled) wounds, soresboils & ulcers.

Rubbed on the skin, oil of eucalyptus gives relief from the pain of arthritis & rheumatism, it increases blood flow to the area, producing a feeling of warmth.

One tsp of the oil in a cup of warm water, rubbed into the skin, is a powerful insect repellent for man or animals.
Dried, finely powdered leaves are used as an insecticide.
Eucalyptus is known to expel worms from the digestive tract.

It is an anti-bacterial expectorant & also reduces blood sugar levels.


People with asthma, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease, or low blood pressure should not use eucalyptus without first talking to their doctors.

For adults, eucalyptus oil is generally safe when applied to the skin.
Undiluted eucalyptus oil is toxic when taken by mouth.
Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
Don't put eucalyptus oil, salve, or chest rub on the face or nose of a child under 2.
With an overdose (this applies to all essential oils), muscular weakness, indigestion, nausea, vomiting & diarrhea have been noted.
Very few people have developed an allergy to eucalyptus oil.
Eucalyptus oil should be used only infrequently since it is difficult to eliminate through the kidneys.

Pregnant & breastfeeding women should not use eucalyptus.

Side effects from the tea are extremely rare when directions of dosage is followed.


Eucalyptus leaves can be taken in tea, or used in steam inhalations.
Eucalyptus leaf tea is a simple way to use the antiseptic, cooling & expectorant properties of eucalyptus to treat colds & coughs.
While you sip the tea, relax, breathe & inhale the steam rising from the cup.

Oil: boil mature leaves in water & condense the vapor to recover the oil.

Emulsion: Combine equal parts of the oil with powdered slippery elm or gum arabic & water.
Shake well,take internally in 1 tsp doses for tuberculosis & other infections & inflammations of the lungs.
Rub on aching muscles or trauma sites to stimulate circulation & relieve pain & blood congestion.

A simple external ointment or balm is made by mixing the oil with heated paraffin & sufficient melted bee's wax to harden to the desired consistency.
The ointment may be applied freely as needed.

For local application to sores, injuries & ulcers, mix 30 g oil in 500 ml of lukewarm water & apply.

The essential oil of the eucalyptus is diluted & then used on the skin as a form of herbal chest or sinus rub, this oil induces a warming & mildly anesthetic effect on the skin.

Eucalyptus insect repellent:
Apply strong eucalyptus tea to all exposed body parts except the face.
To make a longer lasting insect repellent spray, combine 1 tsp lavender essential oil,
1 tsp eucalyptus essential oil,
1 tsp patchouli essential oil,
500 ml of vodka,
500 ml of water &
1/4 cup of almond oil.
This spray also works on pets to help repel fleas.

Sniffing a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil applied to a handkerchief can relieve a stuffy nose. The oil may also be used in a hot bath or steam tent. Add a few drops to hot water, make a tent with a towel & breathe the soothing aroma until water cools.

Liniment for use in the treatment of arthritis, painful joints & sore muscles:
Combine 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil,
10 drops of rosemary essential oil &
a quarter cup of almond oil.
Use as needed to relieve pain.


Eucalyptus makes a good ointment for the skin. Use on chapped hands, dandruff, sore feet & acne.


Eucalyptus is used magically for protection, purification & health.
Use leaves stuffed in sachets, pillows & charms & carry or put in your bed to maintain good health, or anoint a sachet with Eucalyptus oil.
Place leaves in a mesh bag & hang under the faucet for purification rituals.
Place leaves around the house for health & protection from illness & unwanted energies.
Cut a branch off a Eucalyptus tree & hang in a sickroom for the healing energy.

One of the strongest healing woods known, eucalyptus trees have been used for medicines for centuries as well as for ritual items pertaining to healing. The energy of this wood is good & pure, clean like the earth from which it is born.
Eucalyptus is also primarily associated with positive luck, especially if related to knowledge.
Using eucalyptus in a ritual seeking a positive result to pending news (tests, interviews) would prove beneficial.
Worn as a charm, this wood would promote positive luck for the wearer.
It is also an excellent tool in divination.

Eucalyptus leaves are widely believed to effectively ward off evil & repel enemies who are troubling you or your home.
They also help a weak person cast off evil; that is, to ensure a final break with wicked companions or to put a stop to personal weakness such as a drug, alcohol, or tobacco habit.
Burning the leaves can also cleanses the home & rids the premises of evil (spirits, illness or unwanted energies).

Its pungent sweet cleansing scent clears all negative energies & purifies the atmosphere if added to an incense blend.
Good for clearing the air after an argument.

Eucalyptus can influence both the physical & physic energies of a person & stimulates the opening of the Third Eye chakra.

Staffs & wands made from the Eucalyptus tree assist in walking in the dream world.
They alert us to the importance of our dreams & can facilitate lucid dreaming.
Wands made from the wood of a Eucalyptus Tree are ideal for all purification needs & exorcisms.

If you have nightmares, put a drop or two of Eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water next to your bed to have deeper, more restful sleep.

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