The entire plant can be used in a poultice as a topical analgesic.

As a tonic, Bleeding Heart increases appetite, stimulates liver function.

It is used for heavy menstrual periods & diarrhea.
Bleeding Heart is also used for insomnia & related anxiety, emotional tension, hysteriaagitation & nervousness.
Bleeding Heart can be taken as an analgesic remedy for deeper nerve pain & imbalances.
Bleeding Heart is sometimes applied to the affected area to treat vaginal itching.

Bleeding Heart tonic was at one time used as a tonic for syphilis.
It was also used for impaired kidney function & mild tendency for edema.

Bleeding Heart has been used as a toothache remedy & can be combined with other nervines such as California Poppy, Pedicularis or Yarrow to create a well-rounded remedy for nerve pain.
The plant can also be poulticed & applied to sprains, bruises or wounds.

It can also relieve a hypersensitive type of overall weakness & has been used for building appetite, stimulating metabolism & strengthens the health & vitality of a person who has been chronically weakened by illness,cold or anxiety.


The plant is potentially poisonous & can also cause skin rashes.
It can cause hallucinations, giddiness, restlessness, headache.


Bleeding Heart Tincture:

Fresh or dried rhizome or dried aerial parts infused in vodka or brandy for a few weeks.
Take 10 - 20 drops of fresh root tincture, 15 - 30 drops of dried root tincture, or 30 - 50 drops of dried herb tincture up to 3x daily.
For external uses, apply as needed.


Bleeding heart, is used mainly in love spells & divination. 
Crush the flower. If the juice is red, your love has a heart full of love for you. If it is white, he or she does not.
When grown, the plant brings love. 
If growing indoors, plant a penny in the soil to offset negative vibrations.

Bleeding Heart essence promotes feelings of inner harmony & peace. 
It does this through its ability to bring higher understanding to any issue relating to the heart chakra. It is a particularly helpful essence in situations where there is an unhealthy emotional attachment between two people or buried emotional pain from previous experiences of loss.
Bleeding Heart aligns the mental & spiritual subtle bodies & strengthens the energetic blueprint relating to the heart chakra.

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