Lilac is antioxidant, sedative,antibacterial, anti-fungal,analgesic, anti-inflammatory.
The leaves & the fruit are used as an anti-periodic, febrifuge & tonic.

The twigs, bark, roots, leaves & flowers of lilac can be used for allergies.
Lilacs can be steeped to make a tonic that reduces fever & to get rid of internal parasites
Can be used for treatment of acute hepatitis, dysentery & diarrhea.
It has been used successfully in the treatment of malaria.

The essential oil of lilac can be used to treat skin ailments such as rashes, sunburns & minor cuts & scrapes.
Skin burns or wounds are soothed & heal well when a paste or gel made from lilacs is applied.

The bark or leaves have been chewed by children as a treatment for sore mouth.


Lilac blossoms are edible, though they smell better than they taste, so use in small amounts.
Fresh twigs, leaves & flowers can be used for making herbal tea, salad, soup, smoothie.

You can crystallize them & use them as candied flowers on cookies, pies & cakes. 
Add them to brown rice dishes & fresh green salads. 
Mix fresh lilac blossoms with honey & Greek yogurt for an aromatic dessert. 
Create a decadent lilac sorbet by simply mixing lilac flowers with sugar & water.
You may add some of the fresh flowers to a bath, or some lilac scented oil or bath salts.


Lilac flower symbolizes the first emotions of young love,wisdom & remembrance.
Lilac's floral scent is used to promote harmony & increase mental abilities & invokes long forgotten emotions.
Lilacs are often associated with luck & anyone who finds a white lilac blossom with five petals is considered to be especially lucky. 

Lilacs also promotes clairvoyance, divination, peace, harmony & creativity.
Using lilac scented candles or incense while working on your intuitive or psychic development, past life work, or while meditating can add to your experience. 
Add to house clearing & home blessing rituals to add extra potency.

The tree is linked with reincarnation & life.
Lilacs are wonderful for any celebration of birth or the life of someone who has passed. 
Lilac can drive away ghosts instantly. 
Lilac has been used as an effective deterrent against hauntings & unwanted spirit energy.
Adding vases of lilac flowers to each room of the house could clear it. 

In some parts of England, it is considered unlucky to bring lilac, especially white lilac, into the house. The purple & red varieties are usually less feared, but even they are sometimes excluded from house decorations as bringers of misfortune. 
Lilac can foretell death if brought indoors. 

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