Hairy Bittercress is rich in Vitamins A & C ,contains calcium, phosphorus & magnesium.

Hairy Bittercress is a diuretic, purgative, stimulant, a remedy against anemia, eczema, kidney & liver disorders, boils, warts & tumours.
Cleansing the blood, dissolving kidney stones & cleanses the lymphatic system.


It has a peppery flavor like rocket.
Add to an egg sandwich or a wild herb salad.
Add some fresh washed bittercress & shepherd’s purse leaves & chives to egg mayonnaise for sandwiches.

Bittercress Pesto:

Pulse fresh bittercress leaves with pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan & garlic.

Bittercress Salad  from
Cress Soup from Seasonal Foraging in the Sun


It is said to benefit the bite of all those that have deadly poison that are very deadly & for spasms of the womb.
Placed under the bed is said to increase masculinity where its intoxicating scent will reach the nose.

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