Horseradish has good amounts of vitamin-C, which is a powerful water soluble anti-oxidant.
The root has some of the minerals in moderation like sodium, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc & magnesium.
Horseradish contains significant amounts of cancer-fighting compounds called glucosinolates, which increase the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens & may suppress the growth of tumors
The presence of iron & potassium in horseradish makes it an essential addition to treatment for high blood pressure, cholesterol & heart problems.
Iron maintains healthy red blood cell production & improves circulation.
In addition, it helps remove harmful free radicals from the body & protect it from cancers, inflammation, infections, etc.

Raw leaves of horseradish pressed against the forehead can chase away almost instantly headache, the root cures tonsillitis, while the tea made from horseradish flowers can treat the most serious cold & flu.
Bronchitis, sinusitis, paradontosis, rheumatism, anemia & even facial paralysis can be treated by using horseradish. 

Eating horseradish can heat up the body internally & stimulate the immune system.

Juice or sauce extracted from horseradish root has been used effectively to relieve sinus discomfort .
The traditional treatment for sinusitis is to take a half teaspoonful of grated horseradish sauce without dilution both morning & afternoon.
Do not drink anything or eat for at least 10 minutes after the dose.
There will be a powerful feeling in the head, followed by a sensation of the sinuses clearing, sometimes accompanied with sweating & perhaps tearing.

Due to its antibiotic properties, horseradish can destroy bacteria in the throat that can cause bronchitis, coughs & related problems.
Horseradish also reduces symptoms of influenza & congestion.
Horseradish flour paste can also be applied over the chest for quick relief.
Respiratory problems such as asthma, as well as allergies can be treated with the proper usage of horseradish.

Adding small amounts of the root to your meals can also aid the digestive process as it causes the intestines & stomach to secrete more digestive enzymes.

The antibiotic & diuretic nature of horseradish stimulates the production of urine. It can also cure urinary tract infections & remove kidney stones by detoxing the system.

You can apply horseradish to swollen joints & muscles for pain relief.
When spread over the affected parts of the body, it can reduce symptoms of gout, arthritis & chilblains.
A poultice of horseradish applied to wounds can reduce infections.

It is believed that horseradish has aphrodisiacal properties.

The roots were once chewed to reduce toothaches & as a treatment for scurvy.
Chewing horseradish can strengthen gums & prevent paradontosis.
If chewing grated horseradish is too spicy for you add some grated carrot to make it more palatable.

Gargling tincture of horseradish dosed in 3-4 spoons in a glass half filled with water alleviates stomatitis.

Horseradish can be used as a vermifuge to remove worms from the body.


Keep in mind that eating too much horseradish can do more damage than good. Some unpleasant side effects include nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating & stomach upsets.

If you suffer from ulcers, goiter or renal problems, eating horseradish is nor advisable either.
Horseradish may redden the skin & cause an irritation or rash.
If horseradish is applied directly to the skin it can also result in eruptions or blistering.

People that suffer from peptic ulcer, hyper acid gastritis or hypothyroidism should avoid using horseradish as treatment or condiment for the food, as it is a very powerful remedy that can augment some conditions.

Similarly, if you suffer from any problems with the thyroid, you should check with your doctor before using horseradish in any form. Horseradish can affect functioning of the thyroid by interfering with the production of hormones causing hormone levels to reduce further.

Studies show that horseradish can cause a miscarriage or even induce an abortion due to the presence of certain toxic chemicals. Pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers should stay away from horseradish,as should children below 4 years.

People with kidney problems should avoid horseradish due to the root’s diuretic effect.


Grate horseradish & squeeze out the juice.
Have a few drops of this juice in between meals to cure indigestion & other problems of the digestive system.

The tincture:

Grate horseradish & place it in a jar.
Pour vodka or brandy over it,cover & leave to mix for 8 days.

Horseradish syrup:

Mix grated horseradish root with 4 tbsp of honey & leave for several minutes.
Boil the remains in a small quantity of water.
After boiling,strain the mixture & cool.
Mix it with the raw syrup.
Take 3 tbsp of the mixture a day.

Horseradish flour:

Cut the horseradish root into tiny squares & leave near a heating stove to dry up.
After that get them grained in the grinder.

Horseradish Vinegar:

Fill a bottle with grained horseradish
Pour over apple vinegar
Use in small quantities to treat the facial paresis or seborrhea .

Mix freshly grated horseradish with buttermilk & glycerine.
Let this stand overnight before straining & using as a lotion for the face. Blemishes such as acne, blackheads & freckles will disappear after regular use. It also lightens skin tone & removes discolorations.


Dig your horseradish in the full Moon for the best flavor.
Wild horseradish or mustard placed under a pillow will prevent nightmares induced by ghosts.
Sprinkle dried, powdered Horseradish around your house to repel evil & negate any spells against you.


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