Tea from the beech bark is for lung problems,tuberculosis & for blood cleansing.

Wash for poison ivy can be made from the north side of the bark.

Bark preparation was used to help reduce fever & in the abortive mixtures.

The leaves were used in poultices for burns,frostbite & to help heal scabs.

Tea from Beech tree leaves & bark is useful for constipation.

Beach leaves have been traditionally used as cooling agents to alleviate swellings & rheumatic complaints.

Much of the Beech was used for skin disorders,the tar was used in an old remedy for eczema & psoriasis.

Water collected from the hollows of ancient beeches was thought to heal many skin complaints & stuff your mattress with beech leaves to speed up the healing process.

The nuts can be chewed to pass worms.

Also the Beech nuts have been used as a food.


Find a twig of  Beech & carve your wish or dream upon it.
Bury it under the full or waxing moon.

Use a beech branch as a wand to open channels for communication with spirits. 
Carry small pieces of beech bark in your pocket for luck & success.

Place a powder of beech wood in your right shoe to lead you toward your fortune.

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