The fruits, leaves & buds of the black currant have multiple effects in treating & preventing various diseases. 

Black currants are known for their high content of vitamin C & potassium. They contain twice the amount of potassium found in bananas, 4 times the vitamin C in oranges & twice the antioxidants in blueberries.
Black currants also contain more Vitamin C than any other natural food source  & three times as much as an orange.
They also contain magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamins A & B amongst others.


They contain anthocyanins that help in fighting against cardiovascular disease, aging, joint inflammation, eyestrain, urinary infections, kidney stones.
The fruits are packed with anti-oxidant compounds that help in the prevention of dementia.
The derivatives of black currants are formulated into treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
Black currants are used to cure diarrhea, tonsillitis, whooping cough & gum disease.
The fruit intensifies weak peripheral circulation caused by menopause & cleans the blood of toxins, wastes & cholesterol.
A diet rich in black currants proves to be helpful against rheumatism, arthritis & gout.
Early European folklore has black currants being used for treating general fatigue,inflammation of the mouth, stomach & bowel, lung & cough aliments & as a diuretic.
Black currants show positive effects on inhibiting the influenza virus, decreasing airways inflammation, enhancing pro-biotic bacteria levels & anti-cancer effects.
Because it contains vitamin C, the black currant is used in treating cardiovascular diseases, preventing cardiac insufficiency & vascular accidents, it increases the resistance of fragile sanguine capillaries, reduces arterial hypertension.
Black currant is recommended as a systemic anti-inflammatory agent with actions similar to those of natural cortisone, in cutaneous, acute & chronic allergies, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis & diabetic retinopathy.
In external use, the mixtures from black currant fruits are used for treating abscess, dermatosis, eczemas & psoriasis, insect stings or hits.
The plant stimulates digestion, stimulates the functioning of the liver, pancreas, spleen & kidneys.
Because of its diuretic qualities, the plant is useful for people suffering from oliguria.
Black currants are also useful against tiredness & overwork,reduce muscle fatigue & stiffness.
The diet with these fruits is also recommended to plethoric & lymphatic people.
Black currants  support eye health & improving vision.
Black currants are also known to have anti-cancer properties as they have a high proportion of vitamin C & hence are known to be effective in fighting against breast cancer & colon cancer cells.

Drinking black currant juice is a healthy way to improve your antioxidant intake & maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Women use black currant seed oil for treating symptoms of menopause, premenstrual syndrome, painful periods & breast tenderness.
It is also used for boosting immunity.
Blackcurrant juice or extract can be taken regularly to maintain healthy
resistance to viral infection, including colds, flu & herpes sores.
It is likely to speed recovery from infection as well.
The juice or extract can be taken daily for several months to help improve
circulatory problems,such as capillary fragility & varicose veins.
A tablespoon of the jelly or jam was traditionally used for a sore throat (mixed into a cup of boiling water) and taken several times a day, drunk while hot. The effect was soothing and demulcent. - See more at:
Mix 1 tbsp of jam with cup of boiling water & drink when you have a sore throat several times a day.


Black currant leaves contain flavonoids; glycosides, essential oil, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides, ascorbic acid, enzymes, rutin, Vitamin C & other vital nutrients. 
Black currant leaves are said to be an incredible immune booster.
Black currant leaves are diaphoretic & diuretic, they aid in the elimination or reduction of bodily fluids & they are believed to lower vascular pressure.
The leaf infusion is also believed to stimulate the nervous system & may help with stress-related ailments.
Studies in France have revealed anti-inflammatory activity in the leaves.
Due to the great amount of Vitamin C black currant leaves possess antioxidant property. 

Dried leaves of the black currant plant are known to promote flow of urine, work against the formation of bladder stones & also disinfect the urine especially when consumed on a regular basis as a cleansing tea.
Black currant dried leaf is used for arthritis, gout, joint pain (rheumatism), diarrhea, colic, hepatitis & other liver ailments, convulsions & disorders that cause swelling of the mouth & throat.
Black currant dried leaf is also used for treating coughs, colds & whooping cough.
Some people apply black currant leaf directly to the skin for treating wounds & insect bites.
Its leaves have a great diuretic capacity, they have anti-rheumatic effects, favoring the elimination of uric acids.
The mixtures from buds are used in urticaria.
The buds support adrenal gland function & treat allergic & inflammatory conditions such as asthma.


Side effects of black currant berries can include slow blood clotting. For this reason, it is recommended that one stop taking this berry, tea or supplement at least 2 weeks before a planned surgery.


Traditionally used in jams & pies, modern usage can see the common blackcurrant complementing salads with a generous sprinkling over the top.

Adults could try fermenting their own alcoholic beverages from the berries.
Add a little to some wine & sparkling water to create your own cocktail.

Mix with natural yogurt with some crunched up ginger biscuits for a tasty & colorful dessert.
Reduce the berries down in a saucepan, add some sugar & a little water to get a versatile puree that can be used as a base for many summer puddings.

Black currant fruits can also be consumed in form of syrup, jelly, jam, fruit jelly, marmalade or liqueur.

The black currant tea is prepared from 2 tsp of leaves cut into small pieces, soak in 250 ml of boiling water.
Consume 3 cups per day, between meals, in long diets of 5-6 months.

Natural black currant juice is obtained from 400 fruits & 4 big leaves.
It can be consumed simply or diluted in 200-500 ml water, 3-4 times a day.
It has beneficial effects against digestive inflammations & febrile states.
Throat washes can be made with it more times a day for treating inflamed tonsils & throat aches.

For Low Stomach Acid:
Drink fresh black currant juice 1/2 cup 3x per day.

Black currant cream is prepared out of fresh fruits.
In a glass bottle or jar, add layers of fruit & sugar until full.
Closed hermetically & keep macerating for 4 months.
Shake it every day.
At the end of the 4 months strain it.

The fruit decoction:
Add 1 tsp of dried fruit to 250 ml of cold water.
Boil with slight bubbling, leave to infuse for 30 minutes,strain,drink during the day in 3 or 4 stages.

Decoction made from fresh or dried leaves is prepared from 1-2 tsp of leaves to 1 l of cold water.
Boil on a weak fire to the first bubbling,then infuse for 10 minutes & drink 3-4 cups a day.
Combined with fresh crushed leaves, it is applied as an external dressing for wounds & other ulcerations.

Cold pressing of fruit, being consumed daily in doses of 4-6 tbsp at intervals of 2 hours.
It has energizing effects, assures the general fortification of the body, is good for children, elderly & ill persons in recovery.

Black Currant Jam:

1 kg black currants
500 ml water
1 kg sugar
Place the black currants & water together in a large thick bottomed pan.
Bring to the boil, reduce to simmer & cook until the fruit is softened.
The contents of the pan should be reduced by half .
Add the sugar.
Stir well whilst bringing all to boil.
Boil  until a set is obtained.
Pour into sterilized jars & seal whilst still hot.

Black Currant Syrup:

450 g black currants
250 g sugar
250 ml water
1 lemon
In a heavy-based pan, simmer the sugar, black currants & water gently for 5 minutes.
Using a potato masher, break up the fruit to release as much juice as possible.
Add sliced lemon & simmer for another 2 minutes.
Strain the mix through muslin & pour the extracted liquid into a sterilised bottle & keep in the fridge.


It is proven to help prevent aging - as it is a rich source of vitamins & antioxidants – by plummeting wrinkle development & renovating tissue impairment triggered by free radicals.


Cassis liqueur, first produced by French monks in the 16th century, was used as a cure for snakebite & wretchedness.

Black currant provides assistance in fearful situations, especially in facing the self as being truly alone.

Considered to be one of the angelic fragrances, it helps learning to forgive & to be less judgmental.

Black currant is often recommended to those on a spiritual quest.

Use black currant for opening of the third eye to see the future for others as well as yourself.

Healing by remote means can be facilitated with the use of black currant.

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