Rich in minerals, especially iron, magnesium, silica & iodine.

Roots & leaves are used for uterine irritations & bladder diseases, glandular deficiencies, used as a nervine & tonic.

It is useful in paralysis & chronic nervous diseases, alike in simple nervousness & in delirium produced by diseases.

Sea Holly exhibits diaphoretic, aromatic, stimulant & expectorant properties.

Sea holly may help with bladder inflammation,fluid retention,kidney stones,prostate enlargement or inflammation,urethral inflammation & other urologic conditions.

Like most plants with fragrant blue flowers, sea holly is good for nerves.

The roots are also operating as a diuretic & a good restorative.

Decoction of the roots, drunk freely, acts on the kidneys & is serviceable in scorbutic complaints.

The decoction of the root in wine is very effective on the spleen & liver, helps jaundice, dropsy, treats the French pox, ague, swollen lymph glands, snakebites are healed rapidly, pains of the loins, colic, expels stones & promotes women’s menses.


Don't use sea holly if you're pregnant or breast-feeding.

Avoid this herb if you're taking a diuretic.

Know that long-term use of sea holly can cause an imbalance in body fluids & chemicals.


The roots are nutritious & can be candied for a confection.


Grind Eryngo into small pieces or powder & add to food as a love tonic.

A woman can wear the plant to insure the love of a man.

Sea Holly can be carried by travelers for safety & luck during their journeys.

It has a power of causing peace if strewn about a place or given to a couple who are quarreling.

Used in love spells & to provoke the lust.

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