Jasmine tea have been known to aid in the improvement of digestion, blood circulation & assist in the acceleration of metabolism.
The use of jasmine is known to increase spermatozoa & to help impotence.
It regulates respiration, deepens breathing & calms spasms associated with bronchitis.

Jasmine flowers are used for biliousness, constipation, inflammation & blood disorders.
It also plays a role as a heart tonic & to avert faintness.

It is used for infections with high fever, conjunctivitis, sunstroke, dermatitis, as well as cancer of the bones, lymphatic nodes & breast cancer. 

Can be taken for severe depression & especially for postnatal depression.
It is useful during childbirth since it relieves pain & strengthens contractions & is also a hormonal balancer.
On the skin it is used with great effect to treat dry, stressed & sensitive skins & also helps to increase elasticity.
It can also help treat & prevent diabetes in some people.

Jasmine is used for mouth ulcers & the fresh juice is applied to corns. 
Jasmine flowers have been used to calm the nerves, sooth emotional problems, help with PMS & tension headaches & to heal the female reproductive system.
Jasmine is known to help balance hormones.

Jasmine is sometimes used to strengthen contractions & control pain during labor.
In a diluted state, Jasmine is used to help heal skin ulcers & tumors.

Jasmine herbal tea is one of the best herbal teas to drink to slow down the free radical cells in the body from causing aging, cancers, diseases & illnesses.
It is even a great herbal tea to drink for relieving depression, anxiety & stress.
This herbal tea has antibacterial & antiviral properties to it which makes it excellent to sip on for fighting of the common cold & flu as well as lung infections like pneumonia.
Jasmine tea can also help prevent & treat illnesses like strep throat & bronchitis.
Drinking jasmine herbal tea is also good for normalizing blood sugar levels in the body. 
Drinking this tea can also help soothe away anxiety, headaches, upset stomach & throat irritation.
Sipping on this tea daily can help your overall help by preventing certain types of cancers like throat, lung, colon, stomach, breast & brain by fighting off those free radical cells.
Jasmine tea can be a useful alternative to prescription medicine for people suffering from insomnia.

The warm jasmine scented bathwater helps relieve tension, aches, pains & stiffness in the body relieving inflammation & promoting proper blood circulation throughout the body. Soaking in a jasmine herbal tea bath can also help cleanse, treat & relieve hemorrhoids & some bacterial skin infections like eczema.

Jasmine flowers have astringent properties which aid in treating inflamed eyes & skin & as a gargle to relieve sore throats & mouth ulcers.

Jasmine flowers are used in aromatherapy to calm the emotions &  as an aphrodisiac.


Jasmine oil is powerful. It should be used in very small quantities. Overuse can cause headaches. 

Pure jasmine herbal tea does have a high caffeine content in it so it can cause jittering & shaking if your not use to drinking caffeine.
Sometimes if you drink to much jasmine tea it can cause loose stools, but usually drinking it casually it doesn't cause to much side effects at all.
Jasmine has an unusual property in that it can be used as a stimulant or a relaxant depending on the user.


Sniff bags:

4 tbsp dried lavender blossoms
2 tbsp dried thyme leaves
2 tbsp dried lemon balm leaves
8 tablespoons of cut & dried leaves will fill a standard 3x5 muslin drawstring bag to the top, with only a little amount of compaction necessary.
Replace herbs every 12 months.


Put 1 tsp of flowers per person into the pot & add 1 cup of boiling water per teaspoon.
This can be drank 3 times per day.
The Jasmine flowers can be mixed very well with Green tea & in this case put ½ tsp of Green tea & ½ teaspoon of Jasmine tea into a pot for each person.
Steep for 5 minutes.


It can help make your skin softer, firmer, toned & younger appearing with a slight glow.
Externally they can be used as a wash or bathwater, especially for dry & sensitive skin.
Jasmine has a softening effect on skin. It helps prevent scarring by increasing the skin’s elasticity & is good for all skin types.
For cosmetic use, mix jasmine oil with lavender & tangerine essential oil. Add to a good carrier such as almond or grape seed oil. This makes a wonderful blend for facial massage or for use in creams.


The Jasmine flower has been associated with sensuality, opulence, luxury & the sacred in many cultures. 
The Jasmine flower symbolizes the mother & the divine feminine in Thailand. 
The Indonesians & Pakistanis have the Jasmine flower as their national flower, it is also used in wedding ceremonies & as sacred offerings. 
In India, the jasmine flowers are regarded as sacred, symbolizing innocence & purity of mind. Jasmine flower garlands adorn the temples & holy effigies or are offered to the Gods. At religious festivals the Gods themselves are thought to be present within the flowers.
Jasmine can be used for tantric rituals & sacred unions & in love charms.
The soothing, calming & sensuous properties act more on the mind, rousing sensuality & open the mind to the divine beauty of all things.

Dried jasmine flowers are added to sachets & other love mixtures. They will attract a spiritual love.

The flowers will also draw wealth & money if carried, burned or worn.

Jasmine will also cause prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom & the flowers are smelled to induce sleep.

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