Rich in vitamins A & C.


The root is emetic & should be used with caution.
A decoction of the rootstock makes a good expectorant.
For inflamed mucous tissue in the mouth, rinse with a tea made from the rootstock or the whole plant.
A tea or syrup made from the plant, especially the rootstock & the flowers, is a soothing remedy for coughs & whooping cough.
A decoction made from the root (dry herb) is used as a laxative.


Violet has quite a reputation as an anti cancer herb, with reports that an infusion of the leaf can ease cancerous pain.
Leaves can be used as a poultice to the back of the neck for headache.
Used externally the fresh crushed leaves reduce swelling & soothe irritations.
Violet herbs were used in poultice form as a cure for surface cancer (skin cancer).


This bitter, cooling herb is used to clear toxins with anti-inflammatory actions,treating problems of the lungs, digestive tract & nerves.
Sweet violet is used for nervous strain, physical & mental exhaustion, symptoms of menopause (hot flashes), depression & irritability.
It is said to improve the memory & moderate anger & can be of use in the relief of headaches & migraines.
Use it also as a calming agent for insomnia & hysterical or nervous problems
It is also used for digestive tract complaints such as abdominal pain, inflammation of the stomach & intestines & the tissues that line them, digestion problems caused by improper diet, gas, heartburn, gallbladder disorders & loss of appetite.
Sweet violet can be used  for dry or sore throat, stuffy nose, hoarseness.
In herbal combinations, sweet violet is used for breathing problems including acute & chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, “dust-damaged” lungs, swelling of the respiratory tract, cold & flu symptoms, hoarseness, cough & chest congestion.
It can be gargled to relieve sore throats & used as a mouthwash to treat inflamed, sore gums. It combines well with Vervain & Colt’s Foot in the relief of whooping cough.
Other uses include treating pain in the minor joints, fever & tuberculosis.
As a part of a long term prescription, it can be used to help relieve rheumatism & related inflamed joint conditions.
Particularly used to soften hard lumps & counteract cancer, swollen glands.
Sweet Violet is a blood cleanser, so can be of use in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, both internally & externally.
Topically it can be used to treat skin inflammation.
Sweet violet is sometimes applied directly to the skin for skin disorders & as a skin cleanser.
Has been used to treat blemished skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne & infants' cradle cap.
 These herbal combinations are also used for involuntary urination  in older people, bed-wetting, irritable bladder & prostate conditions
It is also a useful digestive herb & can ease liver related problems such as jaundice, soothe haemorrhoids & ease mild constipation as flowers & the seeds can be used as a mild laxative
As a soothing diuretic it is useful in the relief of inflamed & painful urinary infections such as cystitis & urethritis.
It is also antiseptic, antibacterial & antiviral & can be used as a cardiac tonic.
A blood purifier, good for treating gout, colds, asthma, sores, ulcers, scrofula, pleurisy, syphilis & difficult breathing due to gas & morbid matter in the stomach & bowels.
The flowers lower blood pressure.


Avoid very high doses, as they contain saponins, which may induce nausea & vomiting.


Flowers are edible & used as food additives for instance in salad, made into jelly & candied for decoration.


Pour 600 ml of boiling water over 1 cup packed, of fresh crushed flowers & leaves, cover & let stand for 12 hours.You can add 1 lemon (peeled).
Add 500 g of sugar & boil slowly until syrupy.
Store in the glass jar.
Give 1 tbs for children with cough or slight constipation 2 or 3 times a day.


1tsp of the dried herb infused in a cup of hot water for up to 15 minutes.
Make sure you cover the cup so you don’t lose all those lovely volatile oils in the steam.
Take in ½ cup doses twice a day.


Using a 400ml strong clear alcohol (gin or vodka is ideal), steep the 75g fresh or 30g dried herb leaves & flowers for 2 weeks or more, strain & use.

Compress:A Compress is made by soaking a clean cloth in a hot unsweetened Infusion, Decoction, or diluted Tincture made from the leaves & applying externally to the affected area.


As a bath additive the fresh crushed flowers are soothing to the skin & the aroma is very relaxing.


The Ancient Greeks considered the Violet a symbol of fertility & love, they used it in love potions.

Garland of them be worn about the head to ward off headaches & dizzy spells.

Athenians used violets to moderate anger.
Violets are generally used for spells involving loyalty & justice, as well as enjoying a long standing reputation as a wonderful addition to love potions.
Carrying the flowers is said to bring good fortune.

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