All members of the buttercup family are poisonous & therefore should NEVER be taken internally. 
Buttercup is used to  treat arthritis, rhinitis, which is nasal irritation or inflammation & rheumatism
The root of Buttercup is said to raise blisters more effectively than Spanish Fly & works well when applied to joints, especially when treating gout.
Applying juice in the nostrils causes sneezing & can cure certain types of headaches.
A tincture made from the leaves will heal shingles quickly, dry up small pimples & relieve the pain of sciatica.
Buttercup is used for nerve pain, ongoing (chronic) skin problems & bronchitis.
Ointment made from the petals or from the bruised leaves mixed with a little mustard can be used on blisters,warts, gout & violent headaches.
Fresh buttercup poultices can be used as an acrid counter irritant on sore joints & as a rubifacient across the back to increase energy & blood flow to the lungs.
It has also been used as a poultice on the stomach.


Fresh buttercup may cause severe irritation of the digestive tract, with colic & diarrhea.
Irritation of the bladder & urinary tract can also occur. 
Skin contact may cause blisters & burns that are difficult to heal.
It can also increase the risk of sunburn. & that could cause a miscarriage.
Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.


On May Day, the Irish used to rub buttercups onto cows udders, a tradition to supposedly encourage milk production.
In Ireland the flowers were made into bouquets & put on windowsills or doorsteps to provide protections against the fairies & other evil influences.

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