Natives believed the night air was filled with good & bad dreams. The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits & filters them. Protecting us from evil & letting through only the good dreams. It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web & disappear by perishing with the first light of the morning sun.

The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center & float down the sacred feather.

Dream Catchers are believed to bless the sleeping ones with pleasant dreams, good luck & harmony throughout their lives. It is how many people remember lessons in our community & get their visions.

It is said that when you get a good night sleep you can remember when the spirit has talked to you.

Dream catchers were given to new born & or hung on an infant's cradle board for good dreams. The larger sizes were hung in lodges, for all to have good dreams.

Whether you make your own, purchase a ready-made one, or receive one as a gift, you must put your own thoughts & energy into a dream catcher. It is then that the essence of the dream catcher becomes your own spiritual tool.

The circular shape of the dream catcher represents the circle of life, with no beginning & no end.

You can use a hoop of willow & decorate it with findings, bits & pieces of everyday life, feathers, arrow heads, beads, anything that has special meaning to you.

Creator gave the task of weaving the world for the first people to live in to Grandmother Spider. This is represented in the dream catcher by placing a bead in the web, usually on the right side, which represents Grandmother Spider.

Multiple beads represent trapped dreams.

Smaller beads, or other finds such as arrowheads for warrior spirit can be woven into the web also.

Hanging from leather strips on the bottom of the dream catcher are feathers, often with beads at the top of each feather. A feather represents a symbol of breath or air.The type of feather used has significant meaning.

Eagle feathers are considered sacred pieces of spirit, a reflection of a vision. They represent freedom & courage.Eagle symbolizes great strength, leadership & prestige. The bald eagle & the golden eagle were considered sacred birds. .

Falcon assists in soul healing & accompanies the soul to the soul world.
Falcon symbolizes soul healing, speed & movement.

Hawk is the Great Messenger & observer of the sky.Hawk symbolizes guardianship, strength & far-sightedness.

Owl represents departed souls & can bring wisdom from the Ancestors.
Owl symbolizes wisdom, the ability to see things normally, a creature of the night - silent & swift.

Bluebird symbolizes happiness & fulfillment

Chicken represents fertility & sexuality.Chicken also represents diet,nourishment & the fuel we need to sustain life.He also teaches you that you must listen before you forming any opinions or solutions.

Crow symbolizes balance, release from past beliefs, skill & cunning.

Duck helps to reconnect with family.they also help to deal with your emotions evenly & lovingly & guide you through the rougher waters of life.

Goose teaches that loyalty & fidelity are of the utmost importance in life.Helps to stay on your path.

Dove symbolizes love, gentleness & kindness.

symbolizes patience, grace & confidence.Heron is associated with emotions.

Magpie associates with excellent fortune.

Hummingbird symbolizes love, beauty, intelligence - A Spirit Messenger & Stopper of Time.

Peacock is the symbol of insight,knowledge & intuition.Helps you with your self-cofidence & self-esteem.

Kingfisher symbolizes luck, patience, speed & agility.

Raven symbolizes creation & knowledge - the Bringer of the Light.

Pigeon represents all things associated with home & family.Unconditional loving connection.

Swallow symbolizes peace & love.

Parrot helps you to pay attention to your communication skills.

Turkey symbolizes abundance, pride & fertility.

Woodpecker symbolizes self discovery.

Robin signifies growth & rebirth in areas of your life that have become stagnant.

Wren symbolizes protection.

Swan represents your inner beauty,inner strength & grace,the lifelong loyalty to your family & protection of your loved ones.

Rooster represents sexuality & fertilty.He protects from evil & helps to relive your unseen abilities.

Osprey (black/white) is a bird of prey & is considered to be a high ranked warrior.

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