Although the leaves, flowers & roots of euphorbia can be used for its health benefits, the plant can also be toxic & unsafe for use. 
The latex is poisonous & can cause damage to the skin or any other surface of the body.

The milky sap can be used used to treat skin cancerwarts.
The plant contains beta-carotene, vitamin C & phenolics. 
Euphorbia is widely used to clear up the respiratory tract & for the treatment of asthma
It has a broncho-dilatory effect that helps to relieve the symptoms of most respiratory diseases
It is also believed to provide relief from symptoms associated with colds & flu.

The root of the plant also possesses anti-emetic properties & can combat vomiting.
The root of euphorbia can be made into a paste & used for healing stomach pain.

An extract made from the crushed euphorbia flower can heal eye infections & inflammations like conjunctivitis.

Euphorbia can also be used to treat snakebites.
It is also known for its anthelmintic properties & it can be used to get rid of worms & other parasitic organisms.
Euphorbia is also considered to boost breast milk production in lactating mothers.
Euphorbia can be used in the treatment of venereal diseases like gonorrhea
It has also found use in the treatment of impotency, premature ejaculation, & other sexual disorders.
Euphorbia is also said to possess antiviral properties & it has been used in the treatment of dysentery & to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea.
In Chinese medicine, this herb is used as a diuretic & laxative
It can reduce edema & inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Euphorbia peplus for Skin Cancer

The danger from poisoning from an overdose has eliminated the use of spurge, except in homeopathic preparations. 
The milky sap the spurges contain also causes dermatitis & the fresh plants must be handled with caution.

May cause poisoning, dermatitis, blistering of the skin; is an extremely strong laxative.


The euphorbia is an extremely protective plant.

Carry 8 Spurge Seeds in a white bag or hand over doorway to remove evil spirits, ghosts & poltergeists from home or person, very strong.

It is used in magic for healing of mental & emotional afflictions & for banishing & exorcisms. 
It has been used also for increasing intelligence,protection & invisibility spells. 
The plant was dried & powdered & scattered around the person to be made invisible.

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